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Jan 5, 2011 04:34 PM

Bodum Chambord Kettle

Anyone have one? ... like the idea of different brewing temps programmed in. Will pay the exorbitant price if it truly makes a difference.

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  1. I have it, and up until this afternoon I loved it - it boils water incredibly fast, and I love having the different temperature settings for various types of tea. However out of nowhere today it stopped heating water - the light flashes but nothing else happens. According to the internet it's a heating coil issue, so hopefully I still have the receipt, since it's only 4 months old. So I'd pay the money for it, but hold onto the bill.

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      I had a Bodum vacuum coffee maker just like that. I loved it until the electronics fried and it started boiling my brewed coffee. I got a replacement from Sur la Table and before very long it was doing the same thing.

      Bodum no longer sells the model I had. Apparently they can do glass very well but they suck at electronics.

    2. Take a look at the Pino kettle. Works like a charm and affordable.

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      1. re: Panini Guy

        Good choice. Here it is. Also compares the Bodum with this Kettle.

      2. Thanks for everyone's feedback - I will look into the Pino.

        I had almost made up my mind to get the bodum a few weeks ago, went to the store and asked the clerk to tell me why it was so fabulous ... other than the obvious (i.e. it heats water to different temps) she really couldn't say anything. Then when she was trying to find one in stock that wasn't a floor model, one of her colleagues indicated that the only other one they had in stock was given to another customer who had returned theirs because of defects. I passed ...

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          In case anybody checks this thread in the future I was able to exchange my Chambord kettle for a new one. Last week it stopped working also, same problem. Apparently the kettle is now discontinued (although they still have them for sale at the store I bought mine) and Bodum is only willing to give me a gift card for their products for the amount. I'd recommend you buy a different kettle.

          1. re: baderin

            I just tossed the second Santos that gave out on me in the same way as your Chambord.

            I'm glad Bodum gave you the credit. They make excellent glass so I'm sure you'll find something you can use. They just use lousy electronics!

          2. re: CocoTO

            l use a T-fal vitesse variable temp. One in states and one in France. They have had no bad issues since purchase, very happy and quite inexpensive.