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Jan 5, 2011 04:15 PM

Northern Spain

Am going to Barcelona in the fall and plan to drive from there to Bilboa and San Sabastian, then on to Lisbon. Trying to get into El Bulli , arzak etc. Any suggestions.

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  1. Do searches for Barclona, San Sebastian and Bilbao on this board. There is a huge amount of information.

    1. Since you're most likely passing through Asturias Y Cantabria it's worth stopping over. Beautiful regions where the food is different. IE, Asturias, cider is the rule, not wine, Orujo is made from apples as well, Fabada, great bean stew made w/morcilla and d.o.c. fabes beans......

      1. Guide to 'pintxos' (Basque tapas) in San Sebastián

        1. How to get into Arzak? Just email them and ask for a reservation.

          I also don't recommend driving from Barcelona to Bilbao/San Sebastian. We did it, it was a long and boring drive (not very scenic), and we got lost a bit getting into San Sebastian (signs in Basque were a bit confusing).

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            That;s how we got into Arzak, unlike France they actually answer their email.

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              We drove from Barcelona to San Seb with no problem. While I agree it is not scenic except for the last hour or so, it is the fastest way to go. I tried checking on trains and it just did not work. With an early start from Barcelona, it is possible to stop for lunch in Pamplona, which would be very nice.

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                We stopped in Pamplona and it took us a bit of time to get back onto the highway, perhaps an extra 30-45 minutes! Next time I might consider flying into Bilbao and I think there is a bus to San Sebastian?

            2. When you are in San Sebastian, definitely go to Mil Catas and El Lagar (right next door) for excellent high-end yet affordable pinxtos (in the Bario Gros neighborhood). The foie gras at Mil Catas was one of the best dishes I had on my Northern Spain trip.