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Jan 5, 2011 03:57 PM

April Fooling

Hi all, I'm planning an April Fools dinner this spring and need some ideas for trompe l'oeil entrees.

There seem to be tons of ideas for desserts disguised as savory foods (like scoops of ice cream rolled in cocoa and decked out as baked potatoes), but the few actual entree ideas I've found tend to be unappealing low-concept stuff like meatloaf shaped into a cake and "iced" iced with mashed potatoes.

Here's what I've got for the other courses:
- For a starter, I'm making the Surreal Gourmet's "Cereal Killer Soup"...the cheeky cauliflower and leek soup with garam-masala-seasoned Cheerio "croutons" in the picture.

- Dessert will probably be Egg Creams, clean egg shells filled with white chocolate mousse and mango puree to mimic soft-boiled eggs (also from the Surreal Gourmet).

I'm an adventurous cook, and my friends are adventurous eaters, so pretty much anything goes. Any ideas for a bona fide entree that's equal parts "foolish" and gourmet?

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    1. re: Jennalynn

      Definitely impressive, but it's still a dessert...I need an actual entree (though it doesn't actually have to look like an entree)

    2. i'm wondering about some sort of layered savory "parfait" that looks like pudding or trifle...or maybe a phyllo-based napoleon that looks like a dessert offering...or savory "cannoli" or "cream puffs"...or borrow an idea from Richard Blais but do it in reverse - make scallops look like bananas foster...or lasagna or moussaka "cupcakes"...

      1. There's always that Turkey cake found somewhere on Chow. Looks like a layer cake, but is made with Thanksgiving ingredients (e.g. turkey or mashed potatoes ). Just do a search for it.

        1. You and I think alike! I get my inspiration for such dishes from my Heston Blumenthal books. Grant Achatz' "Alinea" may also be of interest. He is brilliant!

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          1. re: chefathome

            Oh yes! Food disguised as table decor. Heston Blumenthal's garden salad


          2. How about PB&J sandwich?

            Make it with 2 slices of firm tofu (for the bread), some hummus (for the PB) and pureed roasted tomatoes (for the jelly)?