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Jan 5, 2011 03:52 PM

potato soup help- not creamy!

Does anyone have a recipe using red potatoes in soup, that does not involve milk/cream? I made one once where I managed to keep the potatoes in cubes & was broth based, looking for something like that. Thanks

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  1. When my father-in-law was hungover, he'd make his own take on potato soup: chop 2 potatoes, put in pot, add enough water to cover, simmer, add salt to taste...
    Don't know if thats exactly what you're looking for though...

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      I have done that and added some Tony Chachere's in place of salt (or any cayenne based seasoning), garlic, onion and butter.

    2. How about potato chowder? Usually starts with chopped onion and bacon or salt pork. A bay leaf, salt and pepper then either chicken or veg stock or water. Add chopped potatoes, cook until tender. Corn is a wonderful addition to this as is a knob of butter. If you want a creaminess without the dairy, you can always puree a few of the potatoes.

      1. Do you need a recipe to make soup? You know you want cubed potatoes and broth; any thing else? Potatoes can be used as the 'starch' part of many meat and vegetable based soups. And most soups where potatoes are major component, they still can be left in chunks.

        1. potato soup is my comfort food. grew up on it. being a jewish household it rarely had pork in it (we werent kosher, but it wasn't part of the kitchen repertoire.

          saute onions add potatoes, carrots, other roots as desired, add water or broth, simmer for a long time. my mom used dill salt and pepper, but it's pretty forgiving. sometimes she would make a roux and add it near the end of the cooking time, and let it thicken the soup.