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Jan 5, 2011 01:34 PM

Edmonton: Best Prime Rib in town

Newly relocated to the city, sushi is my number one food-passion but prime rib is a close second. I have found a number of good sushi restaurants in town but I have yet to find a good prime rib restaurant.

Here are a number I have tried:

Sawmill downtown - the decor is dated, the service was slow, the prime rib was tough and tasteless with an extremely salty crust, it was as if they had boiled the meat (hence no flavour left in the meat itself), rolled the meat in salt and broiled/charred the outside for the crust. The serving was very small, I have never seen a regular portion (I ordered the middle cut so 12 oz I think) being less than 1 cm thick and cut unevenly so it was paper thin at spots. They served some overcooked boiled brocolli and carrots on the side, they looked so gross that I didnt even want to eat it. Definitely not good at all. I guess people go for the salad bar and only the salad bar.

Sawmill southside - see Sawmill downtown above, and then a little worse.

Outback northside - the service was excellent, the meat was tender but somewhat flavourless, that cut was very lean, perhaps too lean. Definitely opposite to the Keg since I have to add salt and pepper (or dip in the jus) to have flavour in the meat. Extremely generous portions, my regular size (10oz) prime rib would have been big enough to feed two or 3 (like 2-3 cm thick), not sure what the oversized 16oz portion looks like. My 10oz prime rib here is like 4X the size of the prime rib I got from the Sawmills.

The Keg west end & Whyte Ave. - at both locations, the meat was tender, definitely on the salty side but edible. So far, probably the best I have tasted in Edmonton but I wouldn't call it great, too salty for my likings. If I can't find an alternative, I guess the Keg will have to do.

Any suggestions are greatly appreicated.

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  1. Give Von's or 100 a try, I have not actually had their prime rib, but found there steaks far superior to the places you mentioned.

    1. Fergie007:

      Off hand I cannot think of any place in town that has "superior" prime rib.

      I generally dislike the food at any of the Sawmills and the less said the better about Outback which was a disaster the last time we ate there.

      I have had decent prime rib at the west end and South Common locations of the Keg but not much more than that, i.e. "decent".

      Not like "back in the day" when Brian Welsh was at the Carvery in the Westin when it was in its "steak house phase" and they would bring out the prime rib cart and carve off a slice of very good prime rib and serve it with "sinus clearing" horseradish and decent jus.

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      1. re: Bob Mac

        I suggest you avoid the chains and check the menus of the "better" restaurants in Edmonton. While most do not offer prime rib they do offer ribeyes. I would try the rib eye at the Red Ox Inn.

        Other places you might want to consider are Von's, Sage, and Lux (chainlet?)

        I second Bob's reminiscenses about the Carvery "back in the day"

        1. re: Bob Mac

          sinus clearing horseradish... man-o-man, none of the restaurants even give you horseradish without you asking for it. The horseradish from Sawmill was so flavorless that it must have been "opened" years ago.

        2. MMMM... Boiled Beef!

          I've heard of that for pork ribs, but certainly not for beef, but it would not surprise me

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          1. re: nanuk

            Fergie07 ordered prime rib and got bollito

            1. re: felix the hound

              I had to laugh at the bolito comment, so true... Now if they only had charged me bolito prices

          2. Since the original post, a few more comments to add:

            Ruth Chris - the service was over-the-top, to the point where it is almost uncomfortable to eat; lol, 3 people came and asked how things were before I can even cut into my meat. We showed up on prime rib night, I think they only do prime rib one night a week. The prime rib was decent, but definitely overpriced; between one prime rib dinner and one steak dinner plus sides (you have to pay for each side separately) and two drinks, we were edging close to $200. If it is the BEST prime rib ever, may be. My wife's steak was swimming in like a cm of melted butter, not appetizing by my standard; my wife, being a little bit of a health nut, hated the butter, the waitress did warn her so she can't really complain too much.

            100, no prime rib but had a decent steak dinner there. The view, yeah, let's just call it the view, was interesting, the waitresses' short skirts can easily get you in trouble with the wife. The service we had that Saturday night was horrible, they were busy and it took us like 90 min. to get our main courses after ordering. The steak was mediocre, I like mine medium rare, it was definitely medium well and COLD. The other thing I did a double take was the portion, really, you call that 10oz.? Looks more like a 6oz truckstop breakfast steak. Not sure if I would head back, but hmmm... did I say that the view was interesting?

            Found Von, it is definitely on the list to try as well, but where do you find parking there on a weekend, that's the question. Someone at work had suggested the MooseFactory, not sure where that is, will have to look it up too.

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            1. re: Fergie007

              The Moose Factory has the same owners as the Sawmills.

              1. re: anonymoose

                So okay to skip then, if it is run the same way as the Sawmills, can't be good.

                1. re: Fergie007

                  based on my experience, they are actually worse

              2. re: Fergie007

                Von's is a pretty good prime rib. The crust was pretty salty, but the meat was great. The parking lot for the Shoppers' Drug Mart also has pay parking, or else you can usually find a meter on 81st or 80th Ave between 104th and 105th.

              3. Dropped by Outback in the westend for dinner, ordered the prime rib without really examining the "new" menu... expecting prime rib but was surprised that I got something which resembles a ribeye steak. I asked, with the new menu, Outback has taken to "seasoning and searing" their prime rib to make it "outback style". Ummm... where I come from, that's call a steak.

                Anyhow, the portion was generous, the sides are reasonable but the meat was TOUGH. The cut looks good, done to medium rare as I had ordered... but the texture is more like chuck than prime rib and definitely lack the natural beef flavor. I think they changed the method of how the meat is cooked, not for the better imho.

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                1. re: Fergie007

                  Why return to Outback and expect a different Outcome??

                  1. re: felix the hound

                    Was shopping at WEM, had originally wanted Cactus Club but there was a huge line waiting... Outback was the one place which caught my eyes when we were leaving Cactus Club. LOL, definitely wasnt expecting a fried steak when I ordered prime rib.

                    1. re: Fergie007

                      So you got bollito at the Sawmill and Fried Steak at the Outback. Time to try Von's and see what you get. ( this is not a recommendation, i am just curious)

                      1. re: felix the hound

                        LOL, I havent had much luck so far, have I?

                        Someone else should try the prime rib at Outback and tell me if that is a steak or "prime rib" as commonly defined. :-)

                        1. re: Fergie007

                          No need. I trust your opinion on this one.

                          If you are still hankering for a good prime rib in Yeg , buy a Sterling Silver prime rib roast ( or equivalent), first cut if possible and at least two ribs wide ( otherwise you wil end with steak), rub it with Kosher salt and put it in the oven at 350-375 until it reaches the internal temperature appropiate to how you like it ( taking into consideration that it will go up about 5 degrees c. while it rests ( at least 20 minutes.