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Jan 5, 2011 12:14 PM

New restaurant in Royal Bank Plaza

Does anyone know the name of the new restaurant in Royal Bank Plaza down in the PATH (I think its Italian and that it is near the foodcourt)? Has anyone been? Is it good? Busy? I'm considering going there for lunch tomorrow but I don't know what it is called and whether or not I should make a reservation!

Thanks! : )

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  1. I was just there this morning for a dentist appointment and noticed the restaurant - it's called Angelini Ristobar. I'm also curious to know how the food is. :)

    They have a website with a menu posted on it -

    1. Tried a take out slice twice. Below to average at best.

      1. Thanks for the info, both of you! I checked out the menu - definintely overpriced if it is below to average at best...if we decide to go, I'll post back and let you know how it is...!

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          Went there late Nov. for lunch with 3 work colleagues. There was some weird secrecy thing going on with letting us look at the wine list, but anyway, we ordered a glass each and then our meals.

          I had pasta with clams, which was good, and the server offered me grated cheese, which I accepted (I know, I'm waiting to hear from all the 'no cheese with seafood' folks out there!). Colleague had another pasta (penne I think it was) in a red sauce and found it cold and blah. I think it was left sitting, waiting for the other dishes to be ready, because they came out fresh and very hot. For some reason, the server didn't take the pasta off her bill, but took off her glass of wine instead (?). Third was mushroom pizza and they said it was good. The fourth had salad and grilled calamari, which came with more of the salad, and it was fine but she kind of overdosed on salad. I suppose it would have been nicer if the server could have let her know that the calamari would already come with a lot of salad on the plate when she ordered it along with the additional salad, she might have had something else instead of more salad and enjoyed the meal more.

          One thing they could do, (besides sorting out their wine list) is put their phone number somewhere visible. I tried to look them up to make reservations and couldn't find them. I left my office and went to the location to see if I could get a phone number, couldn't see one, and they weren't open yet so no one there to ask. Maybe they have by now; I haven't been back since.

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