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Jan 5, 2011 11:55 AM

Some question cookware like Dutch oven and Cast iron skillet

Hi, I got some question about Dutch oven and Cast iron skillet. I want to learn some receipt that require the use of such.

I get one of those Jewel promotion of Thomas Professional Dutch Oven but it is not one fo those cast iron but non-stick one. I read the box and it say that the glass lid used in over up to 350 degree. If I want to cook something that only need 325 degree, it should be safe to use?

In addition, where can I buy decent quality but cheap cast iron skillet that can be put intop the oven?

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  1. If the instructions say it's safe up to 350 degrees, you should be fine at 325. Also, I got my Lodge cast iron skillet from amazon for around $25. You'll have to browse around for the best deal with free shipping. Hope that helps.

    1. Amazon is good for cast iron purchases, although their prices change - ranging from good to to expensive. (they are currently pretty high). Walmart carries a good selection of Lodge skillets at good prices. has a complete selection of Lodge cast iron at good prices, but you will pay to ship..

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        And, unless you can qualify for free shipping, Amazon could be pretty high. Also yard sales etc are great for Lodge.