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Jan 5, 2011 11:49 AM


Need recommendations for bar/restaurant for pre-dinner drinks for group of 20 near Amada. Thanks in advance.

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  1. For great beer: Triumph. A little dark and loud, but probably not so much early on.
    For great cocktails: Farmacia. Bright and airy, great happy hour.
    For great wine: Ristorante Panorama. Classic with delicious food.

    I think they all have full bars, so you should be covered.

    1. Best bars near Amada are Sassafras, Khyber Pass Pub Plough & The Stars and National Mechanics. I've heard good things about Philadelphia Bar & Restaurant, but I haven't been yet. I do not like Triumph, Buffalo Billiards or Eulogy.

      Panorama is also a great bar, but not quite as close as those others. 20 people is probably too many for the bars at Fork, Zahav or BuddaKhan. Maybe too many for Sassafras also.

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        If your group includes out-of-towners then I would mention The City Tavern. It is close to Amada and my out-of-towners always enjoy drinks there. Twenty could fit easily in either the front room with the harpsichord or the back room with the benches and bar cage. Nice olde Philadelphia historic stuff. Definitely quite different than the above with it suggestions which may easily fit your group better.