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Jan 5, 2011 11:44 AM

Can you help me interpret this soup recipe instruction?

I am making a black bean soup mix that was given to me and I am a bit confused on the amount of liquid. Here is what is says: Rinse the beans and add 4 cups of water,4 cups chicken,vegetable,or beef broth or it telling me 4 cups of water plus 4 cups of broth or just 4 cups of liquid. I'm thinking 8 cups total. Thanks!

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  1. I would say definitely 8 cups.

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    1. Agree - but to be sure, read the nutritional information on the label. If it says "8 servings", it's 8 cups total liquid. A typical serving for soup is 1 cup.

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          Thanks everyone. It doesn't mention the number of servings......odd. And doesn't have a nutrition label either. Came from a general store in NH.

        2. If it looks like this, the website says it serves 4-6 people

          1. What's the quantity of beans?

            1. I assume these are dried beans. You could start off with the 4 cups of water to cook the beans, and add stock when tender, till you get the consistency that you want.