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Jan 5, 2011 11:06 AM

kosher venue in Northern/Central NJ

Hi--I am looking to make my daughter's glatt kosher Bat Mitzvah the end of the year in the Northern/Central NJ area (I would prefer Union or Essex county). I am looking for a venue that can hold 250 people and be a nicer than the room at our local JCC but not be a full-out wedding either. Hotels or halls are fine-- cost is a consideration. Would love a nice sized dance floor. Any places with in-house caterers? Any recommendations for kosher caterers for the facilities? All help is really appreciated since I am very new at the affair planning business. Thanks!

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  1. My Shul Anshe Chesed is in Union County, is REALLY cheap and has room for up to 300, with room for dancing. I believe there are others on this board who have attended anshe chesed and said it's very nice, who do not have affiliation to the Shul (although, clearly I do have affiliation with it, in that I daven there). I do not know prices or more, but i know they negotiate and are known to be cheapest around.

    Look @

    1. Temple Beth Ahm Yisrael in Springfield may be an option.

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        I've been to a couple nice but simple events at Congregation Israel in Springfield.

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          That's our shul! I hate to say it, but I think TBA is a much nicer option in Springfield...

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            Oh it is a nicer facility but just wanted to let the OP know that a simple event is just fine there. I've been to two bar mitzvahs there.