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Jan 5, 2011 10:59 AM

Best Korean pork bone soup (gamjatang) in GVR??

Does anybody have any recommendations for best / good Korean pork bone soup (gamjatang) in the GVR?

The pork has to be so tender it falls off the bone, the soup has to be spicy enough to make me sweat and the potatoes have to be fork tender. Service doesn't have to be great, or even good, but decent enough to make the trip.

I've had gamjatang at Han Woo Ri in Burnaby - not great, their BBQ is best, and Jang Mo Jib on Robson - good, but service is atrocious.

Has anybody sampled the soup at other popular K-restaurants, like:

- Ap Gu Jung
- In Sa Dong
- Nor Boo

Any others? I would appreciate any comments or recommendations as I am taking my Torontonian boyfriend out for K-food tonight and apparently they have excellent gajatang out east and I cannot let Vancouver lose face...


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  1. I know in Vancouver magazine's annual Golden Plate Award, Insadong won #1 in 2008 and #3 in 2010.

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      Thanks for the info LotusRapper. Was this Golden Plate Award for best Korean overall or best pork bone soup?? I was hoping not to venture out so far east (Coquitlam), but if it really is that good, I will give it a try eventually.

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        Go here - http://foodosophy.wordpress.com/ and ask shokutsu who is the city's resident expert on all things Korean. Been meaning to ask shokutsu some questions myself.

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          Um, I'd be quite surprised (even shocked) if the GPA was that specific to best pork bone soup. It's likely to be best "overall":


          BTW, I was having a brain freeze when I wrote the post above, it's Georgia Straight's GPA, not Van Mag. But Van Mag has their own annual restaurant award too:


      2. as was explained to me, Korean pork bone soup kam jah tang is a relatively simple dish to make. many koreans have to spent some time in the military. most men would make this 'soldier's soup or stew and have it with beer. great for social and bonding among korean folks.

        anyways, i agree with your desciption of good gamjatang. i like the one at e-hwa on robson. where did you end up going to?