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Jan 5, 2011 10:55 AM

Chilaquiles Verde

I am a long time reader but wanted to go live to praise the tomatillo sauce here.

We found ourselves in the South Bay New Year's weekend and after searching here and *elp happened across Talavera Azul on 3rd Ave, in Chula. Their chilaquiles had apparently been featured on "The Best Thing I Ever Ate - Brunch" on Food Network last week. Now the wife will kill (or threaten to) for a good plate of chilaquiles. I have not had a really good tomatillo sauce since eating at the original Acapulco Restaurant in the suburbs of L.A. back in the 60's (as soon as they expanded beyond the original 2 restaurants their quality plummeted).

Anyhoo, these are also available with red sauce or mole, but the verde sauce was outstanding. The chilquiles were fresh and crisp and we topped them with eggs (chicken available too). They are served with some potatos and some of the best frijoles we have had in some time.

We'll be back and want to try other stuff but it will be tough to not order the chilaquilles.

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  1. I went there once a year ago and was really underwhelmed by their chilaquiles. You should try Super Cocina's version - if you can get there early enough. It is one of their best dishes.

    Super Cocina
    3627 University Ave., San Diego, CA 92104