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Jan 5, 2011 10:50 AM

Sushi 29?

Bui on Solano now has a sign Sushi 29, no other information. Interesting as the current neighbor Everest was for so many years Sushi Sho.

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  1. Passed by Sushi 29 this Saturday morning and a fellow moving furniture in said the restaurant should open "in a few weeks."

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    1. Stopped by last night for an early dinner at 5:30pm. Place was completely empty. Interior was remodeled with new graphic print flower wallpaper and new light fixtures. I sat the small sushi counter in back (seating for about 5 max I think). They've been open since Sunday.

      I ordered a corn chowder with smoked salmon bowl ($5.50) and two rolls, Spicy Tuna and some sort of sweet wasabi roll that came with Hamachi ($6.50 ea). The corn chowder itself was very good, but the addition of the smoked salmon didn't add much for me other than to make it seem saltier than it needed to be. The chowder w/o the added salmon was only $3.50 I think.

      The rolls themselves were very good. The fish very fresh and sweet. and the rice wasn't to tightly packed which I take to be a good sign. The menu is pretty diverse, with lots of apps, a good nigiri selection and just about 15 rolls to choose from. There also a plated section that I didn't get a good look at, but overall the prices were very reasonable. Nigiri in the $4-8 range, rolls mostly in the $5-10 range with the most expensive at $12 being the Sushi 29 roll.

      Plates/Boxes around the $11-15 range, and apps below $10. A nice addition to the area and I'm looking forward to going back.