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Jan 5, 2011 10:29 AM

Kosher in Palm Springs, CA

Can anyone suggest a 100% strictly Kosher Restaurant or caterer in the Palm Springs, CA area?
Must be Strictly Kosher (not Kosher style)

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  1. Chabad of PS. (Orthodox)

    Desert Synagogue / Kehillat HaMidbar (no working website) (Orthodox
    )1068 N. Palm Canyon Drive
    Palm Springs
    Tel: 760 327-4848

    Temple Isaiah 760-325-2281 (Conservative-may still have strict Kashrut observance)

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      Also I forgot to mention that Chowhounds has a Kosher Board at

    2. Chabad has a regular BBQ. Contact them for the schedule.

      Sherman's Deli isn't kosher, but, in the past, I have noticed prepared, wrapped, hechshered vegetarian sandwiches at the Palm Springs counter.

      I understand the Palm Desert location might have more wrapped kosher items.

      Also, there is a Trader Joe's in Cathedral City; Clark's (a health food store-Palm Desert) has a large selection of kosher items. Ralph's and Albertson's both carry frozen kosher entrees.