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Jan 5, 2011 10:09 AM

Help finding a venue in Branchburg for a babyshower...anyone?

We're located down the shore but friends are expecting and live in Branchburg... any info would be a great help!

Thanks in advanced

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  1. anything close to Branchburg? LOL

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    1. re: flip4jersey

      I think that Lafayette is not too far from Branchburg and has some lovely little spots.

    2. Teaberry's in Flemington is really cute for a luncheon.

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      1. re: rayka

        Even sounds cute! LOL I'll check it out....Do they have a websight?

        1. re: flip4jersey

          somerville is even closer and there are a town of restaurants in town. I know a great italian restaurant if you are interested.

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              It is called Da Fillipos. Great italian restaurant in Somerville, very authentic, homemade bread.

      2. maggianos has private rooms in bridgewater

        1. Stony Brook Inn in North Branch opened about a year ago in the space that was Old Bay Steak House. The space has been completely redone and is beautifully contemporary. The menu offers many interesting choices. The restaurant has a very attractive private room. The prices are moderate. We generally have salads and sandwiches here, but have also found the entrees generous and delicious. It would be an attractive venue for a shower.

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            Thanks.... I'll check into your suggestions:)