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Jan 5, 2011 09:52 AM

First time to Portland

I will be in the downtown Portland area for one day (this coming Sunday) and will be able to have one meal along with a bunch of stops for snacks.

If there was a restaurant that represents Portland, what would you recommend for lunch meal? I've heard good things about Higgins but are there any other places I should consider?

Also, I was told to check out VooDoo Doughnuts. Any other similar places in the area that I can stop by and pick up something for a taste?

And lastly, I do arrive late into Portland on Thursday night so is there any good late night dining (midnight and after) that I can check out that is close to Pioneer Square.

Thanks for any advice and info.

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    1. For your late night dining around Pioneer Square you can go to Departure or Brasserie Montmatre.

      As far as Voodoo goes, it's in an interesting part of town, so walk around Old Town and take in the pioneer environment.

      1. For a view and late night happy hour Portland Grill is fun. Crowded-- but happy hour prices are good and they have some nice items on the menu. And of course the view...