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Jan 5, 2011 09:49 AM

where to buy properly cut Goat Meat in the GTA ?

any butchers, meat shops that can properly cut goat meat for me in cubes with bone in ?

thx for any suggestions,

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  1. I've bought goat meat in cubes with bone-in several times at just about every major supermarket chain. They come all pre-cut in cubes in a 1kg bag for about $10. In fact, after work I'm going to buy a bag at the No Frills or Food Basics near my house to cook curry goat with rice for dinner. From what I can recall the goat products from these supermarkets usually are from New Zealand.

    1. You should try some place like Iqbal meats, they probably have it.

      I buy mutton (sheep) cubes from Mr Greek meat market on Danforth, it's 4lbs for $10 and great for making soup.

      1. Fiesta Farms has frozen bone-in goat meat. I've never tried it though, so I can't vouch for the quality.

        Fiesta Farms
        200 Christie St, Toronto, ON M6G, CA

        1. Dufferin Meat Market sells fresh goat and I've seen people walk in and request it be cut bone-in to specified sizes. I've never bought it from there, though, so can't vouch for quality.

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