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Jan 5, 2011 09:30 AM

The Khyber Pass Pub

Has anyone been to the Khyber since it has reopened as the Khyber Pass Pub? I was looking to go for lunch on Saturday. It seems lackluster from when I can gather from the website, but this may be memories of what was the Khyber as a music/bar venue seeping into my food dreams.

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  1. same. my memories include very sticky floors. not sure i can get past them - but not sure i want to, either. those were good times.

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    1. re: Bob Loblaw

      I remember those very sticky floors also, almost too fondly...but I can attest the new Khyber Pass Pub is revived into something much different from it's old days. The band room is now a very nice eatery with tin ceilings, hardwood floors and booths. I've had the food several times already, and I cannot stop ordering the pulled pork sandwhich. They have three different kinds of sauce to choose from, NC Vinegar, SC mustard and one other that I am having a brainfart on. Oh, and I was pleasantly surprised to find out the mashed potatoes were vegan. Not that I care about vegan food at all, but I didn't find out until after I ate every last bite and just couldn't believe it. Now I'm rambling...but also the popcorn with bacon fat and that cajun seasoning was completing addicting. I had one and just could not stop.

      And I didn't even get to the beer list yet, jeez. There are something like 20+ craft beer taps and a few beer engines. I have had some A+ quality beers there, ranging from Russian River Pliny the Elder, Torrey Pines IPA, multiple kinds of Founders (my fave), Bear Republic, etc...The Khyber Pass Pub is my new favorite gastropub in Philly!

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        Dies anyone remember Miss Headley's Wine bar upstairs? I'm talking late 70's.

      2. My heyday there was when Bitar's actually catered it. Working at 4th and Market allowed $3 greek pizzas and Belgian beers at lunch. Good times, good times.

        1. You should totally check it out. As mentioned in another thread, the gumbo is amazing, and I also love the po' boys. It's from the same owner/chef as Royal Tavern.

          I saw Soul Asylum and the Jayhawks together at the old Khyber. Good times.

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            I will absolutely try to gumbo. Thanks tastyduck!

            1. re: skradicke

              I posted about the gumbo before it is awesome. The mac and cheese is also good, as is the burger and the fun service. I am not a big fan of the brisket sandwich - i, like others found it chewy and fatty. They have an incredible selection of beers and great music, and last time I was there it was packed. A great effort, in such a short time.

          2. Got to try it last night. Gumbo, as mentioned, is fantastic. Definitely spicy, too. Really liked the Boudin Balls (a special) as well. Never had one before, so can't compare to much, but the dirty rice inside was awesome. I don't think they have the dirty rice as a regular side, but they should. It kicked ass, nice and livery without tasting livery, if you know what I mean.

            Pulled pork had a good smokey flavor and bark, but was a bit dry. The three BBQ sauces served on the side remedied that nicely--I especially liked the white vinegar one. The others (a mustard base, and a sweet/spicy tomato one) were good but a bit overpowering. Collard greens were vegan and really good, very flavorful. The sandwiches of all kinds looked really good coming out of the kitchen, I'll need to try one next time.

            Tap list is among the best in town, with very fair prices. This is a great place to have in Old City--a casual, not annoying pub with good food and beer. Perfect for before/after a movie at the Ritz. I just hope it doesn't end up getting crazy crowded like other Old City spots. It was busy but had open tables Satuday night.

            Side note, the waitress said they will be opening the upstairs sometime soon and will have live music up there.

            1. I know that this is an old thread, but it's taken me this long to get down to KPP.
              Ate there last night and enjoyed it quite a bit. We weren't an easy crowd to please - the 5 of us included 2 vegans, one picky eater (me) and one 2-year-old.
              The vegans apparently go there often, as there are a lot of options and they don't live that far from there; my wife and i ordered the jambalaya special (excellent), the ribs (too chewy), and the bacon grease popcorn, which was very good popcorn but still, in the end, popcorn. Sweet potato fries were fine, biscuit i thought quite good.
              For someone who used to go to concerts there, or sometimes just go drink at the bar, it still reminded me a lot of the old place - still the same basic setup, just with tables in the other room and you can see out the windows now. Floors less sticky, but I don't know that the bathrooms are any nicer than they used to be. Maybe a bit. Still felt ***old*** when leaving through the bar area after dinner!
              That said, surprisingly good place for a toddler with a tendency to yell while in restaurants, as it was loud enough there that it didn't make that much of a difference. And plenty of good toddler options.