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Jan 5, 2011 09:20 AM

How much are you paying for broccoli?

Prices that I've seen have risen anywhere from 25% to nearly double from 3 weeks ago.

I know it's due in part to the cold and wet weather in parts of California, but just curious what other parts of the country are seeing in terms of broccoli prices.

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  1. In south Ontario it is about $1.50 for two small heads in the cheaper stores and about $2.50-$3.00 in the higher end and probably more in the very high end.

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    1. re: fryerlover

      I got some crowns for 59 cents/lb right before Christmas but the price generally has been running between about $1.50/lb. and $1.99/lb. (I'm in Chicago area.)

    2. Hi ID,

      Here in CT, we were paying as little as $1/lb for crowns on sale shortly befre Christmas. I noticed yesterday that they were about $2.50. Green beans have gotten expensive as well.

      1. I couldn't find broccoli at my regular place the other day. Didn't know it might be related to a national broccoli crisis!

        1. Here in NJ it's averaging around $2.99 / small - medium head.

          1. A place here in Naples, FL (Oakes Farms) is selling conventional broccoli for $1.50 a head this week! Organic is always about $1 - $1.50 more but that's a pretty good price...Publix is featuring broccoli and cauliflower for $2.00 /head.
            *Adding: though broccoli does grow here in FL, both of these grocery stores indicate this is California broccoli*

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            1. re: Val

              That head at Publix can contain 2-3 stalks and are on average around 2 lbs or under. Pays to weigh them.