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Pasta dish in Downtown San Diego

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We will be in San Diego this weekend. Could someone recommend good pasta place in the vicinity of Harry West Gymnasium (1450 Park Blvd). We have a car, so it does not need to be in a walking distance.

Thank you.

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  1. Cucina Urbana (Bankers Hill - very close to Downtown) is probably your best bet, but make your reservation now as it's a hard one to get into on short notice. Plus all dishes are under $20...

    Bice (in downtown in the Gaslamp) has some excellent pasta dishes as well - the homemade buckwheat pasta with chard is amazing.

    Bencotto (in Little Italy - close to downtown) is also talked about, but I've never eaten there so cannot give judgement.

    But since you're on Park Blvd - where you really need to go is Pizzeria Bruno - very traditional pizza napoletana - I know, it's not pasta but it IS a revelation.

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      Thank you. Could not get to Cucina Urbana or Bice. Will try Bencotto.