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5 Guys Burgers- Woodbridge

Location is the strip mall at the SW corner of Weston and 7. Store is a good sized space beside the Pizza Pizza. At lunch today, I walked in and asked people working inside when they are opening to which they responded mid-February. Finally a good burger in the area.

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  1. What about Hero Burgers in the Colossus parking lot? Granted, they're toppings can be a little pretentious and expensive, but the burger itself is amazing.

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      hero does do a decent fast food burger, but i've heard a ton of positive reviews about the 5 guys chain, and i'm looking forward to seeing what the buzz is about. that being said, i am bracing myself for all the burger snobs that will be posting on this thread asking about if 5 guys does medium rare burgers. i swear, they are almost as bad as the "the curds have to squeek" poutine people.

      1. re: petpod

        "i am bracing myself for all the burger snobs that will be posting on this thread asking about if 5 guys does medium rare burgers. i swear, they are almost as bad as the "the curds have to squeek" poutine people."

        Thanks for bringing that up. I don't know what's worse, burger snobs or sushi snobs.

        1. re: TexSquared

          dont forget the chicken wing snobs...

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              How about the number of chain snobs on Chowhound? If it's a chain, any kind of chain, then it MUST be bad, automatically.

              But enough about snobs. Any kind of a recommendation for a good burger restaurant is definitely worth sitting up and paying attention to as they are hard to find. My fall back is Harvey's (one of my personal favs since my childhood), but 5-Guys, which I've never heard of, I'll have to try.

              I really enjoy Hero's (and Jetsun's in Scarborough) because they slightly char the outside of the burger, but keep the inside still nice and moist.
              Does anyone know if 5 Guys will be a comparable "product" in their cooking method?

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            I feel like you're not familiar with what fresh cheese should taste like.

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              Check out the other threads for the recent openings. There's already complaints about not being able to order medium, various artisanal cheese toppings, etc.

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                They can all go waste their money on "m-brgr" or other similarly ridiculously overpriced hype. I'm just waiting for Five Guys to open closer to me, over on the east end of the GTA.

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                I am not at all a burger snob, but after having a mid-rare burger at an Outback in the US upon being recommended it by my waitress (I never would have thought to ask for this myself), my mind was completely blown about how amazing a burger can be. To try to recapture the experience here in Canada, I went to a few Outback restaurants, who refused to repeat the experience I had in the US, and the burgers were dry and disappointing by comparison. Indeed, I have yet to have as good a burger here in Canada anywhere as I did at a chain in the US, which I find bizarre, and it probably has to do with restaurants insisting on cooking burgers to death.

                Also, I love poutine with or without squeaky cheese, but I have to say that it really is nicer with squeaky cheese: more fun to eat, and better textured.

                Recognizing what makes food good and wanting that does not make you a snob, unless you are a snob looking for a cause.

                (I wish 5 Guys would move up here to Ottawa. I had a burger and fries at a location by DC, and was blown away by how delicious it was.)

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                I was tracking down 5 Guys in Montreal and someone on the Quebec board actually did complain that they would not cook them a medium burger! 5 Guys is excellent but I hope people keep in mind that it is fast food done really well. Your patty will get not any extra attention than the other half dozen on the grill next to it. Burger snobs will hate it but ordering a medium rare burger at 5 guys would be about as plausable as doing the same at Wendy's.

              4. re: Midknight

                Well if you think hero is amazing, 5 Guys is bound to blow your mind.

              5. Burger snob here - 5 Guys does not do medium rare as per their policy. Pretty good burgers though, I would rank them below Shake Shack as far as US chains go.

                1. Don't get your hope too high. Middle of the road, good but not great. I like a grilled onion, jalepeno and mushroom bacon burger. Skip the cajun fries, the regular ones are better.

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                    Couldn't agree more. Sorry guys, it's not the burger you want it to be. Overhyped to the extreme. At least the one I tried in Kingston was.

                    1. re: miketoronto

                      Is the USA 5 Guys comparable to the Woodbridge or Mississauga location?
                      It is based on the US chain, right?

                      1. re: 5andman

                        What's the Mississauga location?

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                          Erin Mills & Burnamthorpe (about a block south of Burnamthorpe) where the plaza is.
                          I noticed the 5 Guys sign driving north of Erin Mills.

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                            Cool thanks for the info -- is it already open? (The Mississauga location)


                  2. A discussion of Five Guys vs. Fuddrucker's has been split and moved to the Chains board. You can find the thread here:


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                        Seriously. Someone in Woodbridge can surely answer this simple question.

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                          Was in the mood for a good burger on Saturday evening and drove past hoping to try the hyped 5-Guys, but it's still not open. The counters seem to be in place and there's still a big "Now Hiring" sign in the window, but nothing stating an opening date that I noticed

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                            Thanks for the update Midknight! It seems like they are taking forever with this location.

                            1. re: callitasicit

                              I read somewhere -- possibly TasteTO -- that it wasn't expected to open until the 15th. I did that edit to the database back in January, so that's been the expected opening date for awhile. I'd check back tomorrow.

                              Five Guys Burgers & Fries
                              7600 Weston Rd, Vaughan, ON L4L 8B7, CA

                              1. re: Jacquilynne

                                I went in at lunch today and people were working inside getting it ready. They informed me that their plan was to open next Tuesday the 22nd. As mentioned, the counters are in and they had a lot of the signage ready to put up. Looking forward to it!

                        2. 5 Guys is an amazing burger, fries are great too! Hopefully the Canadian locations are as good, look forward to trying it

                          1. I just left after having a regular burger & fries - I didn't realize that a regular meant a double. A small one would probably be enough for most people. Everything was pretty good though. I think it was only their second day open which would explain why it took almost 15 minutes with 3 customers.

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                            1. re: Sambot

                              I've heard people rant and rave about 5 Guys in The States. Are the burgers fresh and handmade? Or are they processed and frozen?

                              1. re: Mr_Elusive

                                It didn't taste processed and when I saw them making them they weren't frozen

                            2. Was there on opening night Wednesday. The place was about 1/3 full at 8 and by 8:30, we were the only ones there.
                              I'm glad to report that it's the same as the both times I had it in the US.
                              I had the little cheeseburger (single patty) which is more than enough. Order the
                              regular size fries since they throw in a healthy bit extra in the bag. I was curious
                              to try the cajun fries, so instead asked for a small container of cajun seasoning.
                              This is the way to go since you can have it both ways.
                              The only week part of the burger is the bun, which is pretty tasteless overall and gets
                              mushy over time, especially if you get more 'wet' toppings.
                              One thing I noticed that didn't make it to the Canadian menu was the exclusion of
                              hotdogs. A little disappointed about that since my son doesn't like burgers.
                              Anyhow, it's the best chain burger we have in the GTA and the fresh cut fries are up there with
                              Swiss Chalet's.
                              Next time, I'll try the bacon cheeseburger when my arteries have had time to recoup.

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                                I was there on Sunday around 1. I agree with roadstr that it was identical to the U.S. As well, I agree that the single "small" cheeseburger is enough with the regular fries. I talked to the manager or franchisee, don't know which, and he was very friendly. The store was not busy and I think that word of mouth will make this great burger place as successful as the U.S. operations. I have told many friends about it but I have not heard or seen any advertising yet. Enjoy.

                              2. I'm actually going to pick up a burger tonight before heading to the movie theatre. I have a dairy intolerance and so was just checking to see if they will accomodate for that in terms of leaving the cheese off the burgers etc. What types of toppings do they offer? Is it kinda like Harvey's that you can choose, or is it like Burger King where it is automatic?

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                                1. re: icey

                                  You can order a hamburger instead of a cheeseburger.

                                  You select your toppings when you order your burger - they have all the standard offerings:
                                  * Mayo
                                  * Relish
                                  * Onions
                                  * Lettuce
                                  * Pickles
                                  * Tomatoes
                                  * Grilled Onions
                                  * Grilled Mushrooms
                                  * Ketchup
                                  * Mustard
                                  * Jalapeno Peppers
                                  * Green Peppers
                                  * A.1.® Steak Sauce
                                  * Bar-B-Q Sauce
                                  * Hot Sauce

                                  - see here: http://www.fiveguys.ca/menu.aspx

                                  1. re: jono523

                                    They gotta be the only place that includes grilled mushrooms or onions for that matter for free, although Id consider them more sauteed but either way, thats a big plus for me. Im not an onion fan but I love mushrooms on a burger, the Wendys Bacon Mushroom Melt is so damn good, but now I dont have to wait for that, I can just go to 5 guys and get some tasty cajun fries too!

                                    1. re: jmarcroyal

                                      I went to a location in Calgary the other month. I stayed away from the cheese, it's your typical processed cheese slice offering. I was disappointed with the grilled mushrooms, they were of the canned variety.

                                      Overall though, good burger. Mine was juicy, and as a whole I couldn't complain. You could tell the pattys were hand-formed and fresh. We split a large order of fries between four people--there were still leftovers.

                                      Not sure about this location, but the one in Calgary will allow you to bring your own gluten free bun. They won't toast it for you, company policy, but they'll give you your meat and fixings to assemble yourself. My mother, who is celiac, preferred this anyway--there was less a chance of anything touching a bun.

                                      1. re: jmarcroyal

                                        Sonny's in Brampton has offered roasted onions as a free topping since the beginning of time

                                        I don't like onions though :)

                                  2. Pictures from my visit. Fries were great, burger was huge.

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                                    1. re: forthemovies

                                      Finally drove to Woodbridge from Markham to try Five Guys and I have to say this place is slightly over rated. True that it is a chain restaurant and by those standards it is one of the better ones but I just can't relate to those that say the burgers and fries are amazing. I was a bit disappointed to order a cheeseburger only to be told that they ran out of cheese, that obviously started us out on the wrong footing. I thought the cajun fries were good but I found there was waaay too much seasoning on them. The fries themselves were not overly crispy either. The major weakness of the burger was the bun because it was so flimsy and almost too sweet. I don't want to sound too nit picky but those are my thoughts. Light years better than the big three but of course way more expensive. I will definitely not go out of my way to eat at Five Guys again.

                                      1. re: callitasicit

                                        The bun issue is irrelevant to me. I think of the bun simply as a holder. It's not to impart any real flavour to the burger.

                                        And I love bread.


                                        1. re: Davwud

                                          My problem with the bun is that it failed to serve its purpose as a holder. My burger was an epic disaster by the time I'd taken 2 bites of it, and I ended up eating it all in separate pieces. Which lead me to realize that the burger patties were almost entirely devoid of flavor. In combination with everything else, they provided the necessary dose of umami, but they really didn't taste like anything themselves. I can't say I was impressed.

                                          1. re: Jacquilynne

                                            I agree, the bun did not hold up as a holder for me either. It literally disintegrated within a few buns. I had a little burger with tomato, lettuce (too much), ketchup, mustard and pickles. It was good but so messy to eat. The fries were pretty good and I like that you can snack on peanuts while you wait as mine took a while.
                                            The only issue I had was that I ordered a little hamburger and they gave me a cheeseburger. I noticed this immediately and before they even put the other half of the bun on I told them that I had ordered a hamburger and that I was lactose intolerant so I wouldn't be able to eat that one. The line cook then proceeded to peel off the cheese and leave the patty there. I said that that was not going to help as there was remnants of cheese and I would get sick. Another guy on the line stepped in, asked for a new burger and asked if I wanted a fresh bun and toppings. I said no as there was no cheese anywhere else other than the burger, so they got me a fresh patty.

                                            It was a little on the expensive side though, I paid about $12. I would go back but I would pick different toppings and would keep it as a once in a while treat.

                                            1. re: icey

                                              Agree that it is overrated. Went today - Saturday afternoon. Line up almost out the door but plenty of staff and orders went out quickly. As previously mentioned, the buns are not substantial enough and I think the fact that they wrap in aluminum foil makes them get "mushier" faster. The burger itself was very tasty. Fries were good but not crisp. Take the advice of others and order a little burger, and one serving of fries was more than enough. McDonald's fries are better. It' s just ok - most likely will not go back. I don't get why people are raving over this place - and I have a very, very unsophisticated palate.

                                        2. re: callitasicit

                                          LOL... they ran out of cheese? Cannot think of any chain where they run out of cheese for burgers. I'd like to try 5 Guys though - heard a lot about this - perhaps tomorrow.