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Jan 5, 2011 08:13 AM

Middle Eastern spaghetti style noodle search

When we lived near San Jose, CA., there was a Middle Eastern grocery store which sold these really spaghetti style noodles. They were unlike anything I've seen before or since, maybe as big around as 3 or more regular spaghetti or linguni noodles. The store closed, we moved out of state and now wonder what the name of those noodles might be. Would love to find a source. Anyone out there familiar with them?

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  1. I can't think of any special thick noodle in Middle Eastern cuisine. There is makaroneh and other noodles which is the same as Italian pasta. In some parts of Algeria they are big on spaghetti type pasta as a daily staple but as far as I know this is also like Italian spaghetti.

    It could also be faludeh noodle, which is sometimes made extra thick. This is in Iranian cuisine. If it was pale white color it was probably faludeh. The faludeh goes in a dessert drink of the same name.

    Can you give more detail? Any idea what specific region/country in the Middle East the market caters to?

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      Thanks for your help. I'll see if I can find an image of the faludeh noodle. This was about 10 years ago and I'm not sure what specific country this now closed market catered to. However, the noodle in question was pale white and about as thick around as a small earthworm.
      Appreciate your response.

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        Thanks to your tip I found an image that I'm certain is the same noodle. It is the reshteh noodle and not the faludeh but I did find it in my search of faludeh so many thanks again.

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          Rishteh are very thin brown vermicelli, AFAIK. I thought it might be them but hesitated to suggest that cuz they are long and thin.

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            That is strange. The website I found showed a picture of exactly the noodle I remember. Here's the link. It's a Mediterranean gourmet store located in LA but with an extensive website. I've ordered a couple of packages so I guess I'll know soon enough.

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              I see. I found the wikipedia page and it mentioned fine vermicelli but also the one you saw, so rishteh itself must just mean noodle and can be fine or thick. I hadn't realized they were the same ones in aush/aash soup.


      2. I saw this when I was in Israel and ate at an Armenian restaurant. I didn't order the spaghetti because I assumed (wrongly) it would be a poor version of basic spaghetti... instead it looked like large tubular past served in a ceramic bowl, and definitely not with tomato sauce. (I'm unsure what the sauce was but it looked delicious). Unfortunately I have no idea the name of the pasta or where to find it. If anyone has an Armenian pasta recipe, I'd appreciate it!