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Jan 5, 2011 07:53 AM

Ideas for a post-curling club happy hour in st. paul?

hi all!

We are have a work event with 20 or so people at the st. paul curling club's biff adams arena (743 Western Avenue). Being a born a bred minneapolitan, you'd think I'd know more about st. paul, but alas, I don't....

we'll probably be curling until 430 or so and then wanted to have happy hour afterwards w some food. about 15-20 of us. group is all late twenties to late thirties, money doesn't really matter...

appreciate any ideas!! so far, from google search, have the following ideas (but have only been to one of the places!!):

happy gnome
fabulous ferns bar & grill
costellos bar and grill
muddy pig


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  1. I don't think Muddy Pig has a happy hour, ever. Happy Gnome appears to be $1 off drinks until 6, but they are kind of expensive to begin with. The Bulldog in Lowertown has $1 off and 1/2 off apps, and Senor Wong has good deals on drinks and apps as well. I believe Moscow on the Hill has a nice HH as well, but I've never been.

    Muddy Pig
    162 Dale St N, Saint Paul, MN 55102

    Happy Gnome
    498 Selby Ave, Saint Paul, MN 55102

    Senor Wong
    111 East Kellogg Blvd., Saint Paul, MN 55101

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    1. re: semanticantics

      thanks for responding!

      We don't care about the money or specials actually- mostly just the atmosphere and secondarily the food. I am thinking a little difficult trying to accomadate 15-20 people?

    2. Muddy Pig and Happy Gnome both have nop-notch beer lists. Food at the Pig is a little more lowbrow, but that's not a knock. I actually think the menu at the Gnome tries a bit too hard. But I would recommend either spot for happy hour - maybe the Gnome has a slight edge just for the convenience factor of sharing a parking lot with you curlers.

      W.A. Frost has some decent happy hour food and drink specials. I'd especially recommend a happy hour out on the patio there in about 5 months.

      Sweeney's Saloon down on Dale has a nice tap list and decent bar food. Good nachos and some of the best "classic" buffalo wings around. Also a nice patio when it warms up.

      I like Costello's as a dive bar but I haven't had their food. I think of it as more of a nighttime place.

      I hate Fern's. I feel like it has no character. Lousy food, lousy beer list.

      Muddy Pig
      162 Dale St N, Saint Paul, MN 55102

      Happy Gnome
      498 Selby Ave, Saint Paul, MN 55102

      Sweeney's Saloon & Cafe
      96 Dale St N, Saint Paul, MN 55102

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      1. re: keithinmpls

        I think sweeney's saloon will be PERFECT!! have never even heard if it - but beer looks great, food good, and they can reserve space for "small parties". Appreciate it!!

        1. re: jiliank

          I love Sweeney's. Our group (15-20) meets there every year after we spend the day working on a Habitat for Humanity gig. Good beer, good food, great casual-bar ambiance.

      2. I would walk across the parking lot to the Gnome.

        If you ask beforehand, they might open their second floor bar area for you. It is on the pricey side though, for a great beer selection and so-so food.

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        1. re: BigE

          The OP mentioned that they are curling at Biff Adams - not at the actual club so walking to the Gnome is not an option. Due to popular demand, the St Paul Curling Club is offering curling at Biff Adams this season.

          Be warned - Biff Adams can be pretty cold so dress warm.

          And I think Sweeney's would be a good option.

          1. re: shaft71

            I'm not sure about their happy hour's, but you could go the opposite direction away from Selby/Dale - DT St. Paul and go to Halftime Rec.

            If going to the DT area what about The Liffey?

            1. re: eastlakovore

              heh. trying to send the scots to the irish bars, now are ye? i forsee a bar fight :)

              that line above was entirely in jest! i actually think halftime rec would have been a great choice a couple of years ago, before the ownership change. there is *no* food there, or maybe bags of pretzels (problem for the op) and with its new format, i just don't think it's a good fun bar anymore.

              the liffey can be gallingly faux-irish chain-corporate, or else crowded with shrill, amped-up pre-event binge-drinkers, depending on what is going on at the excel ctr across the street. . . i've just never liked the place.

              1. re: soupkitten

                Ya got're right I haven't been to Halftime since ownership change, I forgot they dropped food with the change.

                If going to Selby Dale, Fern's, the Gnome, and Sweeney's are all fine. I've probably spent the majority of my dollars at Ferns after curling at St. Paul Curling Club (the happy hour group might enjoy peeking their heads into the official club and see the leagues in play).

                1. re: eastlakovore

                  I've got the best solution: go to the real St. Paul Curling Club and tuck yourself into some pitchers of Labatt's at the bar upstairs and watch the evening leagues. You'll pay less, watch (and talk) curling, and you have the option of bar food as well.

                  1. re: mncharm

                    What is the upstairs bar like? Good bar food? And a view of the ice, it sounds like. Open every night? And is it easy to get a seat?

                    1. re: karykat

                      be carefull! last time i went there i DRANK SO MUCH I WANTED TO CURL!

                      thank you... thank you very much...

                      1. re: zfwp

                        The food is pretty good for where you are, a bar above a sheet of ice. It's not haute cuisine, but you can get a sandwich and be happy. A lot of happy souls at Curling Clubs I've learned.
                        Seating can be hard if a "big event" is happening (ahem, they televise curling events which draws in the crowds). But generally, it's easy to get a seat.
                        I believe the bar is open when leagues are in session (so 6days/week after 4PM (I think Saturdays are for tournaments).
                        *Disclaimer - I am a member of St. Paul Curling Club, and have utilized the bar to great success, sometimes too much so*

                        1. re: eastlakovore

                          Excellent. Just what I needed to know. We will figure on going some night that should be quiet.