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Jan 5, 2011 07:48 AM

Meet for a meal in Buenos Aires

Hello all.

I am beginning a six month leave from work in Toronto and will be in Buenos Aires starting mid-January.

I’ve read through most of the BA related posts and there are lots of good restaurant recommendations that I will definitely check out - thanks!

I’ll be on my own so I also looking to meet up with locals and other foodies, particularly to learn about and explore the city, and share a coffee, beer, or better yet a meal (it’s always more fun to eat with other people!).

Please contact me if you are interested in meeting up. I plan to be in BA until late February 2011.


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  1. Hi Alena,
    I'll be in BA between January 14-21. I am traveling alone and would love to have a company to share a meal. You can contact me at ori775@gmail.com

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      Hi Alena & Orly,

      I'll be in BA between January 14-19 and love to meet with you & Orly and share delicious meal. I'm traveling alone too. This is my first time visiting BA and very very excited to be there. You can contact me at sochebuffe@yahoo.com.

    2. I too live part time in BsAs but this year will be there from June to December. By far my favourite restaurant (not really for the food, which is quite good) is El Corralon at Anchorena 916, between Cordoba and Paraguay, ON THURSDAY NIGHTS. The food is always good and medium-priced; it's a parrilla and I'm usually able to get my meat rare by asking for muy, muy jugosa ... sangrando! But the real attraction is that on Thursdays it is heavily populated by la gente de la farandula -- singers, actors of stage and screen, tons of eccentric regulars, and many huge poster photographs of the owner with stars like Moria Casan and Maradona -- who might well show up later in the evening; they might even perform just for fun. The owner sometimes cranks up the music and people dance near -- and on -- their tables. If you go early, around 10:30, you may not have to wait long to get a seat. Catch the eye of the serious looking female server and give her your name. It is an evening to remember. Warning: on Thursdays (only) some clients smoke cigarettes, although many people now go outside to smoke. There is good air circulation (I have mild asthma but the smoke doesn't bother me)... but this might be a deal breaker for people who can't stand any smoke at all. No problems with drunks though (Argentines don't seem to get drunk in public!), and the neighbourhood is safe. It's across from a park. Any other night will be good too, and fun, but Thursdays are not to be missed. My favourite dish is sweetbreads (mollejas en crema de champan). All the usual meats and achuras, but they also have fish if you're not in Argentina for the meat.

      1. Hey - we are in BA on an extended trip if you want to meet up -
        we love food and have been planning our dinning out pleasures.
        look forward to hearing from you!
        samantha & roby swan

        1. I just arrived in Buenos Aires yesterday. I am looking to eat somewhere tonight (sunday jan 30). My email is ixcillint@yahoo.com


          1. Hi there! We are four travellers from Toronto and just landed in BA after driving around Argentina for the last two weeks. We will be in BA until Friday, and we are looking for resaurant recommendations for dinner - do you have any recommendations? Let me know if you want to join us for dinner on Wednesday or Thursday. We had dinner at NAAN in Bariloche last week - highly highly recommend it.

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              Hi Jacksie,
              Some of my favourites:
              Demuru in Palermo (good for an eclectic meal and good value lunch pre fixe)
              Don Julio, consistently the best Parilla I've been to
              Sudastada - if you have a hankering for Asian. Great lunch pre fixe
              D'oro close to plaza de Mayo and good for pasta
              Lele de Troya and Crizia both in Palermo are beautiful spaces, food was good though a bit of a mixed bag depending on what people ordered.
              I'm actually heading out of town today for the week so unfortunately I can't join you for dinner.

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                A belated thanks for the suggestions Alenea. Enjoy your leave and your travels!