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Jan 5, 2011 07:24 AM

Can I freeze pulled pork?

I'm due to give birth to our first child in a few weeks and I am cooking and freezing some meals in advance.

Can I freeze pulled pork? If so, should I freeze it in any remaining cooking liquid or chicken stock? I don't want to add any sauce to it before I freeze it because I want to use the pork in a number of ways (with BBQ sauce, in carnitas, etc).

Bonus question: any recommendations for cook-and-freeze meals beyond the usual soups and pastas?

Thanks in advance

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  1. I frequently freeze pulled pork with excellent results. I do not add in the remaining liquid or any other liquid as I have found the texture to get mushy during the thawing process. Another idea that freezes well is meat for tacos. I use ground turkey breast and add in taco seasonings, sliced black olives, chopped green chilies and salsa. Once cooked, it freezes and thaws well and can be used in lots of mexican inspired dishes. Congratulations in advance!

    1. Assuming you're roasting/barbecuing a whole shoulder, best to leave it in one piece and pull it when you thaw. Of course, that may obviate the whole reason you're doing this.

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        Agree.....Whole pieces freeze better....Just remove large chunks from butts, whole shoulders etc and freeze....Pull/Chop after thawing....A food saver is a plus....

        Have Fun!

      2. If you're smoking, do some chicken breasts as well. Freeze individually and thaw for eating on salads or tacos or something of that nature.

        Enchiladas can freeze really well too.

        Chili and just about anything else that's a stew can be frozen with good results.

        Hot dogs and you can premake burgers and freeze as well.


        1. I freeze it pulled and flattened in freezer quality Ziplocks. That way I can break it off to use in single- or two- serving portions. If it is fatty enough you shouldn't need any other liquid- and IMO it's better not to anyway, so you don't influence the flavor too much. My favorite uses for it are tacos and ramen.

          Bonus Answer:

          Frozen onigiri- I've started taking these in my lunch. The site where I learned this technique has a lot of other great make-ahead freezer ideas:

          Chili (obviously


          Although wanting to freeze food ahead of time is great for saving money, it may not, in the long run, save you a lot of time and effort when caring for your new baby. (Congrats!!!) It takes a certain amount of effort and processing time to freeze food properly and safely. The pork is a good way to go though because you can use it dozens of ways. Another good way to go is freezing meats in marinades so you can pull them out in the morning and have a helper throw them on the grill for you while you make a pot of rice or warm up some tortillas. Easy!

          1. No problem. Squeeze as much air out of the bag as possible to prevent freezer burn, and you're good for weeks.

            Agree with baseballfan about Mexican-inspired dishes, but unless you used a pretty distinctive spice rub, your pulled pork will be good for that, too. Tacos, enchiladas, etc. And last night we had leftover pulled pork stir-fried with black bean garlic sauce and cabbage. Today what's left of that will probably go into some fried rice.