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Jan 5, 2011 07:20 AM

? re cooking fresh sea scallops/roe in shell

So we're in Paris and the scallops are everywhere - beautiful plump sea scallops with roe. Have read a couple of variations on cooking - 1) remove scallop and roe and cook then reassemble with leeks/garlic/etc cover with bread crumbs and bake or 1) put garlic butter wine in shell with scallop/roe and seal shell with foil and bake ..... any comments on those techniques or other suggestions?


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  1. Either will obviously work well, although personally I prefer to take the scallop and roe from the shell and pan fry it. I just find them fiddly to eat on the shell.

    1. Scallops takealmost no tima to cook. If you use the first method you mentioned, they will be overcooked. Can't see any reason for the double procedure.

      1. Lucky you!

        If they still have their "guts", you'll want to remove those. I'd free the scallop from the shell first before cooking, but I suppose you don't have to -- just makes for easier eating. A couple minutes under the broiler would be my personal preference, but can't go too far wrong as long as they're just barely done. Enjoy!

        1. Thanks all - I'm heading back to the fishmonger tomorrow to get more info - the ones I saw today were cleaned and back in the shell, so detached from it so it becomes just a decorative serving dish.

          We have a wonderful gas stove/oven here (a GLEM - anybody heard of it?) but haven't tested the broiler yet (lower broiler) so will do that before I try to broil the scallops. I quite like the foil recipe - putting the ingredients in and baking at high heat for about 12 minutes - opinions?

          Will report back!

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            Do try the roe separately as well. Brown some butter, raise heat, add the roe and fry about a minute. Turn over, fry a little longer, add salt and pepper. Put the roe on sourdough toast, mash it gently, and pour the remaining butter in the pan over it. If you wish, sprinkle some very finely sliced spring onions over it. Delicious.

          2. Remove the scallop and roe, reassemble with garlic butter/wine in shell-pop the shells on a baking sheet (broiler proof) and pop em under the broiler for a minute or two-they cook very fast.
            I think you could even put em right on the gas burners with little more than some butter, salt and lemon. I think that is how I would season it, regardless of cooking method-less is more with super fresh shellfish.