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Jan 5, 2011 06:55 AM

New bakery in Nashua....Sweeties

Sweeties Bake Shoppe LLC
114 Kinsley St
Nashua, NH 03060-3729

Hubby just stopped in to pick up some stuff. I'll post how it is after lunch. I know he got a whoopie pie, a gingersnap cookie, and some soup.

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  1. That area could use something like this. Will have to take a look.

    1. So it's not just a bakery...they have soups and prepared meals as well. We tried the chicken rice which was very good, nice fresh veggies and not salty at all. The soups are all in the fridge so you do need to take them home and warm them. They also had split pea and beef stew. As for prepared meals, we didn't really check them out so no info there.

      We bought a gingersnap cookie....excellent ginger flavor. And a whoopie pie...good and no shortening in the filling!!

      We'll definitely try it again.

      1. Oh, she also had pasta fagiole.

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          Haven't tried it yet - was waiting for someone to "take one for the team" & give a report. It's walking distance from where we used to live so we're in the neighborhood often. We used to get pizza from the previous tenant but they just suddenly closed - wonder what happened.

          1. re: southie_chick

            the pizza shop owner killed in a freak accident. i believe he was walking in the winter and either got hit by a car or a plow. the driver was found innocent.

            1. re: rizzo0904

              O.M.G.! I had no idea why Papa Romano's closed so fast - I just thought it might be a "building" issue since they were always working on the connecting building. I feel so bad for the family - my hubby knew the owners from going in there & he was as shocked as I was when I told him the bad news.

          2. re: rizzo0904

            Now that has me really curious. Not only how it's made or how it tastes, but how well does it sell? I feel like you call it Pasta Fagiole around here, and no one has a clue about what it is.

            1. re: solargarlic

              Sort of like the "bolognese" sauce they serve around here - which is actually red sauce & hamburger! Luckily, I work in Downtown Boston so I can grab some good Italian during the week. Having Cafe Razdora open a couple of blocks from my office was nice too - now I don't have to walk all the way to the North End!
              But, there is Llamos market on Lake Street, which has great imported feta (go to the back of the store deli counter & they'll cut you a slab - make sure you ask for the Greek imported feta!). They also have frozen lamb burgers, which they make & are outrageous on the grill - they have them fresh in the summer but not too many people grill in the winter like me.

              1. re: southie_chick

                wow, thanks for the tip about the Feta, I had NO idea!!

                1. re: solargarlic

                  No problem solar - you've given me some great tips so I'm glad to give you (& everyone else) one! Make sure you ask for the Greek imported - they also have French but I think the Greek is better. It doesn't look like much inside, but the people who own it are nice. To the left of the meat counter in the back is the freezer I usually find the lamb burgers in - they season them so sometimes they're a little more spicy than usual depending on who made them that day. They season & prepare all their lamb (tips/ burgers/ roasts) & it's usually MOBBED on Easter. LLamos was on of my first "chowfinds" when I moved up to NH from Boston.

          3. Just went again today...the owner is lovely. Such a sweet woman.

            The coconut custard phyllo cups are AWESOME!! Got a few whoopie pies too, and some mac and cheese for the boys to have for lunch.

            Give this place a try!

            1. I stopped at "Sweeties" on Wednesday, picked up some Shepards Pie for supper, a threesome of Whoopie Pies and also a piece of cranberry bread, all very good. i have also had their lentil soup, marble brownies, and pistachio cookies and pistachio cake. Ive been very happy/satisfied with everything ive gotten at "Sweeties." There is a parking lot right at, but just before the Shoppe, the bakery is on the left hand side of Kinsley St, it is a soft yellow colored building so you can watch for it after you get off of the hi way..Try it out! Iam not sure iof they have advertised much, which they certainly MUST do to stay afloat, i would hate to see another new, local business would be great if all the local "hounds" would stop by and support them, now, and of course continue to when they become more established..The owner was telling me she had made a peach coffee cake for a customer as a special order, so she must do custom stuff.