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Jan 5, 2011 06:51 AM

Party venue in Richmond?

I need to host a bridal shower in Richmond in April- thinking an afternoon affair with small bites and wine for about 25 people. I don't live in Richmond so am somewhat clueless. Any ideas?

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  1. I've been to two or three showers at Feathernesters. They do a cute afternoon tea, but no wine.

    Barrel Thief, which is a wine store, serves light fare. I haven't tried The Wine Loft in Short Pump, but it seems to specialize in small bites and wine.

    For restaurants, I think Cous Cous could handle a group that size. They serve yummy small plates.

    That's what comes to mind for small bites - hope it helps!

    Barrel Thief
    5805 Patterson Ave, Richmond, VA 23226

    1. Thanks for the reply! I will check into those places.

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        If you haven't, look into getting a copy of Richmond Bride. It has a directory of "reception sites" in the back, but it also has a lot of restaurants with smaller capacities listed that would be good for showers. You can probably get a copy online at

        Other suggestions:
        Can Can
        Chez Foushee (neat restaurant that specializes in catering/hosting special events at their restaurant
        )Tarrant's (we did a work party there w/just apps and it was really nice)
        You might check into Lemaire at The Jefferson
        Bin 22
        Also maybe Fleming's

      2. Try the Boathouse, which is on the James River overlooking downtown Richmond. The food is OK but the location is spectacular

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          Good suggestion! I think they have an upstairs room apart from the main restaurant where you can host events.

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