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Jan 5, 2011 06:18 AM

Would you have eaten it?

The other day I ordered a Monte-Crisco sandwich. I opted to get mine with onion rings. When the meal arrived there were no onion rings. Figuring that I really didn't need that calories, and the place was busy. I opted to not worry about it and let the rings go. A woman tables over also ordered a Monte-Crisco. When hers arrived it had onion rings. She proclaimed the over sight to her table and waited five minutes or so for the waitress. The waitress got the sandwich and approached me. 'you wanted onion rings didn't you?' Before I could answer she had left. thirty seconds later the onion rings, now on a new plate reappeared on my table.

Clearly they had been transfered from the other woman's plate. I never saw her eat one or even touch them but the idea of eating (now cold) food that had once been sitting on a strangers plate really did not appeal to me.

Has this ever happened to anyone and if so what did you do?

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  1. It's never happened to me (that I know of), but no way would I eat those onion rings. I don't see much difference between this and recycling uneaten bread. Note that I don't even like it when a server *almost* gives my food to someone else, so I may be more territorial than the norm about my food.

    1. The waitress obviously mixed up your plates, you said nothing but the lady did. I'm sure she would have gotten you new onion rings if you asked, once she became aware of her mistake. She probably knew you didn't care that much.

      1. Since you weren't going to eat it anyway, let it go, no big deal. If I was in your situation and I wanted the onion rings, I would have asked for it as soon as I got my plate.

        1. I would have rinsed them off, then eaten them.

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          1. If I was still hungry and wanted them , yes......if not, no.

            If the waitress was displayed a touch of negative attitude....I would have informed the manager and had it taken off my check.....eaten or not.