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Jan 5, 2011 06:10 AM

Slate and Honed Black Granite Countertops -- Do they stain or not? Do they need constant wiping down to look good?

I've been carefully reading all the posts about countertops, but I'm still confused as to whether honed slate or honed black granite countertops (1) stain; and/or (2) require excessive wiping down to look good.

Regarding stains -- will water spots show? What about wine or grease stains?

Regarding the wiping down -- I'm fine with having to do annual sealing or using special cleaning products. What concerns me is the everyday wiping down of the countertops. It is true that everything shows?

Thanks for the guidance!

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  1. My experience in restaurants all counters will stain, even stainless steel. Hard water especially. From granite, marble to stainless I have had the the best luck and apperance with stainless or sealed concrete.It seems the darker the material the more the spots show. The stainless was by far the most friendly. Concrete seemed to hide the stains better than any stone style top, even with frequent treatments.

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      love concrete and stainless ... that's what I have in my kitchen (a mix) ... but keep CLR away from stainless ;-(

      Having made the pitch for concrete/stainless, I would add that a dark honed stone (properly sealed) will not have to be wiped down as much as a highly polished one. Everything shows on that dark high polished surface ...