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Jan 5, 2011 06:00 AM

Engagement Restaurant Ideas in New York City

Hi...I'm getting engaged soon and need a restaurant to go to afterwards. It will just be the two of us. I'm willing to spend if it's worth it. I would prefer to keep it below $300 though I would go higher if it is worth it. I want somewhere that is romantic and would prefer to stay in Manhattan as opposed to the other boroughs. I would also like somewhere that will be really memorable. We eat any type of cuisine aside from the below caveat.

Here is the slight caveat. We are both kosher ALTHOUGH are willing to eat non-meat and non-shellfish products at any restaurant. For example, we will eat salmon, tuna, sea bass, etc. as long as it doesn't have crab, shrimp, lobster, scallops, etc. Any ideas of where we could go?

Also: we aren't really big drinkers. She is a big lightweight and I am not a big drinker. We would probably get a half bottle or something like that since we will be having champagne before we get to the restaurant.

By the way, if people know of a specific area of a restaurant that is a good place to sit that would be helpful as well (I am not talking about a private room since that is out of my price range but if its nicer to sit on a certain side or something like that).

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

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    1. For kosher, Mike's Bistro could be nice. It has a good ambience that you would appreciate after getting engaged.

      As for nonkosher, there are plenty of fish/veggie restaurant options that may work for you.

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        Prime Grill, Mike's Bistro, Solo and La Carne Grill are the best options, imo.

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          Prime Grill can get very loud. Mike's and Solo are both good options. If you opt to go to Mike's, explain the circumstances and ask for a table upstairs in the alcove section. The upstaris is much quieter (maybe 10 tables), but behind the main upstairs part of the room, they have a little alcove section which has two tables for two. It's quiet and much more private than the rest of the restaurant.

      2. I haven't been to Tevere 84 in many years but loved it when I went and have good friends who go there often and are big fans. There is one small "alcove" in the restaurant that only holds about 2 tables that was very cozy. Perhaps under the circumstances, they can keep the other table empty.

        1. Are the below restaurants good or romantic as well? I want something that will be truly romantic and special. Do the below fit the bill?

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            Mike's, Tevere definitely do. Carne Grill and Solo to some extent. Prime Grill while delicious, not so romantic.

            1. re: craigcep

              Tevere fits the bill in terms of food and decor, but it's a really small place and can get very cramped and loud.

              If you do chose Mike's.. think about the tasting menu.

            2. re: Hofman777

              Mike's is the star of the restaurants mentioned. Sit upstairs, perhaps in the little alcove and you will have romance as well as great food. Call and tell them what your plans for the day are and I will bet that that they will treat you like royalty

            3. Update: My fiance and I got engaged last night and we went to Mike's Bistro and got the tasting menu there along with the wining pairing. it was AMAZING. These were the courses (I don't remember the sauces for some of them:

              Pre-course: slow-poached egg. Really good, it was something I don't normally have
              1st course: carrot-ginger bisque? (against, excellent)
              2nd course: marinated beet salad. Probably the weakest of the courses but still pretty good. I am not the biggest beet fan though
              3rd course: salmon with a mustard sauce. Outstanding. my fiance adores salmon and gets it everywhere we go and even she was blown away by it!
              4th course: gnocchi with duck confit. AMAZING. This was one of the best dishes and truly a gem. I could have eaten 15 bowls of it
              5th course: chicken with a cider sauce. Probably the 2nd weakest dish. Not the biggest fan of chicken although this was very juicy
              6th course: steak medium-rare. PERFECTLY COOKED. I like my food medium rare and I find that many places do not cook it perfectly but this was precisely cooked and delicious
              7th course: blueberry crisp with their homemade blueberry icecream. Amazing! Could not believe it was pareve.

              They were AMAZING with us. I told them that we were going to celebrate our engagement and that we wanted a quiet table (as per one of your suggestions) and we got the table suggested in the alcove upstairs and it was perfect. It was quiet and romantic and our server was amazing. I have worked in a restaurant and tend to be critical of food and service and usually do not "overtip" waiters/waitresses but in this case I did because our waitress was that attentive and good. The restaurant even gave us complementary champagne before dessert which was very sweet.

              My only complaint was the wine pairing. We both did the $20 3-course wine pairing. While none of the wine was bad, none of it was excellent either. This is more likely than not a function of my preferences in wine than anything having to do with the restaurant though.

              Overall it was an excellent evening and i want to thank all of you for helping me make the decision to go to Mikes.!!!

              THANK YOU!

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                Thank you for sharing and mazel tov on your engagement! I want to go again after your review. :)

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                    Mazal Tov! To add to your great experience at Mike's - my husband and I recently did the tasting menu to celebrate our wedding anniversary. We also had a wonderful experience - the chef is really amazing. One thought on the wine - not sure if you drink exclusively kosher wine? If not, that might account for your disappointment. We did the wine pairing as well, and were very pleased, but I think kosher wine is has a steeper quality/price ratio, so our expectations were probably slightly lower accordingly.