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Rise in home-based bakery delivery businesses?

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Maybe it's just a trend here in Melrose, but I've seen two such businesses spring up recently and I'm wondering if there are more in the area.

I found out about VCVC Cupcakes through a deal on Eversave.com. http://www.vcvccupcakes.com/ I ordered vanilla and chocolate Mario-themed cupcakes for my son's birthday. She works out of her home. The cupcakes themselves were on the small side. Not really a problem, although at the $3.00 price tag, felt a bit dear. The cake was good, dense and moist, and the icing was a fluffy buttercream, with a nice, true butter taste. The real draw with these cupcakes are the decorations, and the picture below shows what we had. They were absolutely adorable, and I think the price is well worth it for the looks. Unfortunately most of the kids didn't like the taste of the fondant used to create them and didn't eat them. Some of them (the yellow one in particular) tasted pretty good, some were flavorless and others were just not good (black fondant). They are edible but probably not really meant to be eaten, I guess. The home delivery was awesome, and a real timesaver on a day when I was racing around to do a million other things. She also offers "gourmet" flavors and maybe I wouldn't mind the price as much for a great flavor like German Chocolate with Salted Caramel Vanilla Bean Frosting Topped with Score Bar Crunch" *drool*

I just saw an article today on Melrose.patch.com about 7ate9 http://7ate9bakery.com, which offers free cheesecake delivery from North Reading own to Braintree, and from Salem out to Concord/Newton. (Map at http://7ate9bakery.com/delivery/) Because of regulations around dairy, she has had to work out of a commercial kitchen (La Patisserie in Winchester) but she doesn't sell them commercially, just through her website and home delivery. They look awesome and the 10% opening discount is tempting me to stray from my New Year's resolutions, particularly on the peanut butter cup cheesecake (pictured below)!

I know food trucks are the new thing, but I'm wondering if home-based delivery businesses are the NEXT new thing, or if that's just something happening in my area.

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  1. There's a woman in Nashua, NH (Debby) who's been doing this for a while - I actually got my groom's cake from there & it was AWESOME! They delivered it right to the hotel where we were having the rehersal dinner. Here's their website:

    1. VCVC was included in a recent cupcake tasting:

      The cupcakes were beautiful, but we also thought they were a little pricey. I didn't know that they offered home delivery, though, which would be a real bonus.

      I saw that article on 7ate9 too and am very tempted...!