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Jan 5, 2011 05:42 AM

Looking for private party space in lower Westchester - South American, West Indian but would consider others

Although highly unlikely, Ecuadorian or Trinidadian cuisine would be even better, but since great tasting food is the priority, any other cuisine suggestions are welcome. Also, the restaurant would have to have a party room that can fit about 100 people, including a dance space. Thank you for any suggestions!

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  1. look for the threads on CH for local restaurants serving this cuisine- most are HAPPY to have business to cater- very profitable for them to do this.I believe Portchester is the best for Ecuadorian.
    Rent any space that will take outside catering, and ask the restaurant to get helpers/servers. It will take some coordination on your part but just go to the owners and ask- networking is the key to this unique request. You will get exactly what you want if you are willing to ask the correct questions.

    1. Michelle at Touch of Jamaica in Mount Kisco does a lot of off-site catering--her food is terrific and well priced. If you call her, she probably knows of a location in lower Westchester that she can use.

      1. The original comment has been removed