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Jan 5, 2011 05:13 AM

Mohegan Wine Festival on Jan 25...

Has anyone attended the annual wine festival at Mohegan is on a Saturday in a couple weeks...someone gave me tickets to both the wine event and the food event...

what can I expect? the tickets are $200 a piece so I would think it is a pretty nice event...

Any advice or comments?


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  1. I haven't gone to any of the food events, but the Wine Fest is usually a shit show, full of belligerent idiots. It's much better if you can get in during the industry portion of the day, starting a couple hours before the floodgates open.

    People seem to look at the event as "Let's see how drunk I can get in the shortest time possible". I've watched people throw up on the floor.

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    1. re: invinotheresverde

      i have to agree about the Festival itself.
      We went one year and it was terrible. I would guess that at least 60% of those that were there we just there to drink as much wine as they could. They did not have any interest in wine, but a strong intrest in getting hammered.

      We have been to the chef dinners and while they are interesting, we did have some pretty below average food. We stopped attending a few years ago.

    2. It takes place 28-30th this year. I go every year, and take advantage of the "trade" early admission as well as the "Elite Cru" option which is a separate admission and a separate room where the good stuff is poured. If it were not for these options, I would not go as the general room is a bunch of low end supermarket wine that is of no interest.

      1. I will second the above comments. The wine stinks and the big name cooking demos are a joke.

        1. i have tasted better wine at supermarkets. save your $ for a charity event (such as RI MS after dark annual event) or just go on a bottle shopping spree. if you are a true wine lover and the least bit sophisticated you will almost surely regret wasting your money.

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          1. re: sarabean

            well...this sounds just great...i was given two tickets as a gift and it includes the Grand Cru event ...

            Wait till I show my wife...I expect little from the celebs...having attended other events there is usually very limited participatio0n from anyone whose name you would recognize...and usually they isolate them for the high rollers...

            If thisevent and how it is handled is anything close to the the fiasco I had getting tickets to the Jame Taylor/Carole King just may put the final nail in the coffin as far as attending anything at either of the casinos...

            Anyone want to hear aboiut the swill I was served at Tuscan Grill a few years ago...if I get to meet Todd English...I just may mention that episode...

            1. re: jms123

              well now, if it's free it's for me! just try not to leave much of your money there! i hate going to shows at mohegan, they are the most unprofessional bumbling event "handling" idiots i've ever experienced.

              1. re: jms123

                The Grand Cru event is definitely worth it, especially if it is free. Down some Dom Perignon and Gaja and you'll be fine. Just don't kill too many brain cells at the main tasting room. Save your liver for the good stuff.

                1. re: FoodieJim

                  Thanks...I'll let everyone know how it goes

            2. Aside from a couple of the chef's not a lot of "star power" in the celebrity chef dine around. And shame on Mohegan for not inviting any local chefs. I attended the dine around last year, and the Ct chefs had some of the best food there.