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Raleigh NC - Lunch in Area of Northgate/Crabtree Area?

We need to make a trip to Raleigh, to visit some the general area of Northgate Mall and Crabtree. I don't know much about the Raleigh dining scene and am looking for some suggestions. Trip will most likely be on a weekday.

Where would be a great spot for lunch? We're willing to drive some distance (maybe 5-10 miles or so) - but would like to stay in general area. Any cuisine, any price range, just good food.

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    1. Northgate is in Durham, so you're talking about a pretty wide area here. There's not much around Crabtree, but in 10 minutes you can be in downtown Raleigh or North Hills in five minutes. In or near downtown Raleigh (assuming you want more than a sandwich for lunch), I would do J. Betskis or Sitti. In North Hills, I would do Vivace or Coquette. Closer to Northgate, I would do Vin Rouge.

      Vin Rouge
      2010 Hillsborough Rd., Durham, NC 27705

      137 S. Wilmington St., Raleigh, NC 27601

      1. Oops! I meant North Hills! I'm wanting to stay in Raleigh.

        1. Around North Hills you usually hear about Coquettes (French), Vivace (Italian) and Mura (Sushi). I'd definitely check out Sawasdee Thai and Waraji (Japanese) just north of Crabtree Valley Mall. Heading south towards Five Points, Lilly's Pizza and Hayes Barton Cafe are great!

          But as mentioned earlier, it's easy to get into downtown to S. Glenwood, the Warehouse District and Fayetteville Street where your options really open up...

          Sawasdee Thai Restaurant
          3601 Capital Blvd Ste 107, Raleigh, NC 27604

          1. I really like Coquette at North Hills. Bella Monica is quite good, a few miles west, and you need a reservation even for lunch.

            Bella Monica Restaurant
            3121 Edwards Mill Rd, Raleigh, NC 27612

            Coquette Brasserie
            4351-119 The Circle at North Hills, Raleigh, NC 27609

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            1. Coquette sounds great. You guys must know my tastes!

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                Good choice. Coquette is great. And if you decide you want sushi, I'd pick Waraji (N. of Glenwood) over Mura (North Hills) any day.

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                  Often during the day, getting to Waraji can take too long with traffic. I think Haru at 2603-155 Glenwood Ave. is closer. Given a choice, I'd pick Haru over Waraji.

                  Another choice that a bit off the beaten path is BB&Y on Women's Club Drive.

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                    Second the recommendation for Haru, which is my favorite Raleigh sushi joint (I did not care for Mura at all). Wintersummer, if you make it over there, Hereghty's, a pastry shop just across the parking lot from Haru, is a great spot for coffee and dessert. Speaking of, they also have some nice sandwich and salad lunch options.