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What's good at Matchbox?

Planning a visit to Matchbox in Rockville. What's particularly good there? Can't eat spicy food, but I'm game for anything else.

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  1. Hard to go wrong with the sliders and french fries. Some folks rave about their pizzas, but I think they're just okay.

    1. Agreed - the sliders are really good. Sometimes the pizza is amazing, sometimes okay. It really depends.

      But the one thing I never fail to order at Matchbox are the doughnuts with baileys for dessert.

      1. Matchbox is the only restaurant where I have asked for sliders medium rare and they actually came that way. I thought the pizza was pretty decent.

        1. beet salad with goat cheese and field greens, the pizza with wild mushrooms and soprosetta and the sliders all were good

          1. I've been twice: once for sliders and once for pizza. I found both to be just OK ... Not worth a return visit. The Chinatown location is deafening as well. I realize I'm in the minority though. This place has a lot of fans.

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              I concur with WPH -- the sliders and onion strings were notable when they first graced the menu, but are not worth the calories, the salt or the noise. And the pizza's no good, either.

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                I've found the 8th Street Matchbox superior in every way to the Chinablock location, particularly regarding service and noise levels.

            2. Before I knew I had gluten issues (or had them), I was addicted to the sliders and what was essentially a meat lovers pizza. Used to go a couple times a month for it at the Chinatown location. It was a regular thing for me. Ohhh how I miss it. One of my favorite awful for me meals.

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                2 of us went to rockville one about a week ago and we split a crabcake and the spicy pizza "fire and smoke" and had leftovers. we enjoyed it and will return. will have to try the sliders. also we got a dessert -bread pudding and it was a sugar coma after, but soooo good!

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                  Thanks to everyone for the suggestions. We had the sliders and a veggie pizza. Both were very good, but I was practically swooning in ecstasy over the sliders and the accompanying enormous mound of onion strings.

                  We had the doughnuts for dessert, and polished them off. They reminded me of the loukoumades I loved on my trips to Greece (but so far haven't found locally except for once at a Greek church festival), with the espresso sauce standing in for the Greek honey.

                  I'd order those sliders again any time. They were cooked exactly as ordered (medium rare) and were the best sliders I've ever had.

                  Sometime I do want to try the crabcake or the crab-crusted rockfish -- that sounded intriguing. I should have asked how they managed to crab-encrust a rockfish ...

              2. Only been to the ones in Chinatown and Capitol HIll, but I really like their gelato cookie sandwiches. I think the pizzas are good as well. Order a pizza with your choice of toppings, but keep it basic -- I like nothing more than fresh basil, mozzarella and some cremini mushrooms. If you have to have meat on our pizza, go for the prosciutto.