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Jan 4, 2011 08:22 PM

Michelin *** in the province?


My wife and I are looking for a Michelin three star experience during our visit to the province of Québec. Hopefully the fact that there is no Michelin Guide Rouge will not be an obstacle, nor price, as we're willing to spend what the equivalent meal would cost in France. Location is also flexible, lets say within three hours drive of Montréal, to include Québec City. The right meal will hopefully be worth the journey, as they say.

I realize there may be too many options, so to help narrow it down: Lunch is better than dinner. A location in a city or with attached lodging is preferred. Luxe surroundings are nice, but creative food is better.

Your thoughts? Thank you.

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  1. As far as I know, there are no Michelin starred restaurant in Canada, either, 1, 2, or 3 stars.

    No restaurant in the Province will ever cost as much as what you can spend in France; except maybe when you add in the alcohol taxes...

    That does not mean there are no _very_ good restaurants.

    Europea, Toque! and La Chronique in Montreal.
    Laurie Raphel in Québec.
    L'Eau à la Bouche in St-Adèle.

    Have a look at the "Relais et Chateau" in the province.

    1227, rue de la Montagne, Montreal, QC H3G1Z2, CA

    L'Eau à la Bouche
    3003, Boulevard Ste- Adele, Sainte-Adele, QC J8B 2N6, CA

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      Thanks, we're looking for the best, in a style that may not exist, and I appreciate the pointers in response to my admittedly very broad request.

    2. if you are looking for creative food, the ever so popular Au Pied De Cochon might fit your bill. If you need recommendation, there are over 20 threads in this forum discussing about the in and outs of this restaurant.

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      1. re: mak2k

        APDC is the antithesis of michelin dining though

        1. re: mak2k

          Not at all what I was asking for. However, it was also exactly what I was looking for. ;) That is a definite must-do, thanks for pointing it out. Man cannot live in the rarefied air of pricey hotel restaurants forever. Thanks.

        2. In Quebec would suggest the Initiale or le St-Amour more than Laurie and Raphael which is a little bit outdated.

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          1. re: phyero

            Le Saint-Amour is a lovely resto, but it's *maybe* 1-star quality. That said, it's definitely where I most enjoyed eating in Quebec City and I have recommended it many times. It's got a beautiful dining room, the service was good, and the food was lovely. However, Michelin stars set the bar *really* high and I'm not sure that anywhere I've eaten in Quebec would consistently match the level of the Michelin-starred restaurant I've eaten at in Paris.

            Another of my favourites, this time in Montreal, is DNA. I highly recommend it, but again, I'm not sure that it would meet the Michelin guide standards for a star.

            1. re: eoj

              Agreed. Having eaten at several starred restaurants, none in Montreal would qualify for higher than 1 (maybe) or Bib Gourmand (again maybe). Though one could justifiably argue that the standards are different in each city they review.

              1. re: eoj

                Eoj, Thanks, I was not sure there was such a thing, and it is good to know so our expectations can be set appropriately.

            2. Hi wnissen,
              I don't know where you are, but it seems you are travelling to Montreal to enjoy some time together with the wife.
              Montreal certainly has much to offer, but as an alternative (or addition), maybe a drive north to the Laurentians (1-2 hours). This could be a mini get-away from the city, provide great scenery, and maybe a very memorable meal.
              I will admit that I rarely do the fine dining thing, and know little about Laurentian restaurants (maybe others can chime), but there are a few gems out there. I have not tried these places myself, but heard good things:
              Bistro à Champlain in Ste-Marguerite
              and l'Eau à la Bouche in St. Adele (also with hotel/spa)
              and maybe Les Zebres in Val David
              Depending on where you stay, a 2 day, 1 night trip outta the city with meals might cost the same as a Paris 3 star meal.

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              1. re: porker

                Dear Porker, We live an hour east of San Francisco. We spent our honeymoon in France, but for our anniversary we will fly into Montréal for a week. Once we're there, we plan to drive or take the train and see at least one other part of Québec. Part of the idea of throwing open our restaurant search to a large area is to choose where we'll travel. Even if there aren't restaurants « vaut le voyage » ("worth a journey") it will be a special experience. Thanks for your input.

              2. When are u travelling? There is the festival Montreal en lumiere coming up and they invite chefs from around the world to cook in several restaurants

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                1. re: isa1

                  We'll be there the week of 29 May. I think we avoided all the festivals, actually!

                  1. re: wnissen

                    Don't bet on it, as theres always a "festival" going on somewhere in Montreal at any given time. I think the beer festival is around the end of May. Also a "bike fest" (?), and Montreal Free Museum day sometime in there, MUTEK, International Music Competition, Festival Transamerica, Fringe Festival, and a Latin and Iberian Festival...
                    Not much in the way of food, though