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Jan 4, 2011 08:20 PM

Need advice re: grocery stores

Hi, I am wondering if there is a grocery store around that has a good selection of either single serve, packaged foods, or microwavable shelf-stable foods. They can't require a freezer or refrigeration.

My husband is overseas and I am looking for new and interesting things to send him. He does not have cooking facilities, beyond a small fridge, a microwave and can opener.

Even an online source for things like this would be great, and most appreciated.


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  1. This one is hard, cuz unless the food is completed dehyrated, it require certain kind of refrigeration. My only recommandtion is those big bucket of emergency food supply from costco.

    Or you can go for those canned Ravioli.

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      Not true about requiring refrigeration. There used to be quite a selection of shelf stable ready to eat foods that could be microwaved. Not sure they really took off with the consumer and I don't have any advice on anywhere special to find them.

    2. Check out Whole Foods or Trader Joes. I've gotten Annie Chun noodle bowls that are shelf stable. Also the Pacific Organic soups are shelf stable.

      1. Jewel have these Indian meals. No need for a fridge and microwaveable.

        And REI has a bunch of energy snack stuff

        1. Trader Joe's has a line of Indian food - and it's cheaper than Jewel's!

          1. Thanks everyone. I found some shelf-stable mexican entrees at Jewel. I think I will be heading up to Trader Joe's too this weekend.

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              Whenever I was 'alone', I would head over to Trader Joe's . Very dependable and has enough variety ... and you can get drinkable 'cheaper' wine to go along with the meal.