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Jan 4, 2011 06:13 PM

2204 LIberty Bar- anyone else??

Has anyone else been to 2204 Liberty Bar on 22nd and Market?? I'm guessing no- it's next to an adult theater, and looks like a (somewhat dodgy) hole in the wall from the outside- but inside, the food blew me away.

I met my "foodiest" friend in the city for lunch and she suggested we meet here. Outside walkign in, I thought she was crazy, but after eating, different story. I had the most amazing spicy creamy artichoke soup (can't remember the exact name) and beautifully assembled Greek salad. Friend had the roast beef sandwich special and couldn't stop raving. I normally don't eat much meet but i had to try the home made roast beef with sharp cheddar, provolone, garlic aioli and thinly sliced tomato- died and went to heaven. This is my new FAVORITE secret spot, so much that i had to write my first post in eons. Perfect lunch/after work drinks spot to surprise a friend/coworker- inside has marble tables, great service, very clean- does not match its outside surroundings! I'm dying to know if i'm the only one that has tried this gem??? I can't find any recent write ups online!

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  1. Thanks for posting this---I live right across the street and for all of the reasons you mention never went inside, but i have always wondered if maybe it was a hidden gem! Now i will definitely go inside!

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      I'd love to hear how it goes :) I went again yesterday (the special was dijon horseradish wings- delicious) and talked to the bartender- apparently the chef is somewhat new and doesn't work sundays and only some saturdays. The menu is really standard bar fare but don't let that deter you. I'm not big on bar food kinda girl but i have yet to be disappointed

    2. I have been there quite a few times. Great, clean, nice looking bar inside. The tables are great also. The owner is friendly, on the premises & makes great food!! Just had a Mushroom, Provolone Cheese Burger with fresh, homemade cut Fries & a bangin' side sauce tasted like spicy mustard with maybe Russian dressing, it was delicious to say the least. The staff is prompt & friendly. The regulars are also friendly too, which most regulars at bars are not receptive to "new" customers. Nice neighborhood bar & yes, there is some sort of adult theater a few doors down, but I've never seen anyone loitering outside or any kind of commotion going on. Lots of friendly walk by people too. Thumbs Up!