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Jan 4, 2011 05:13 PM

Spot Coffee - Delray Beach

Spot Coffee is now open, on the corner of Atlantic and SE 1st Ave in downtown Delray Beach, just across from Old School Square, near 32 East, etc.

Of course they have a large assortment of coffee drinks, but also breakfast pastries and other assorted morning goodies.

For lunch/light dinner, sandwiches, wraps, pizzas, etc are on the menu.

Wife had baby green salad with assorted nuts and dried fruit topped with blue cheese and house dressing. We liked it.

I ordered a margherita pizza which was pretty darn good for a place that's not a pizza parlor.

Not cheap but we didn't expect that, not crazy high either.

Excellent friendly service, clean, nicely furnished and decorated. I think it's a good addition to the Ave and should do well.

It's nice to have an alternative to Starbucks that's not an ice cream parlor or candy store.

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  1. wow finally open! That's got to be the longest 'Coming Soon' I've ever seen.

    1. Checked this place out today for lunch. It certainly looks nice inside, though I don't think I'll be back.

      When I went in the place wasn't too busy so I stepped up to the counter and ordered 2 sandwiches to go. Let me add that these were both $11 a piece, so not cheap by any means. After ordering, I was told it would be 10 minutes and assumed she wasn't serious. So I sat around and watched the hipsters trying hard to pretend they're not trying.

      A few minutes go by and I start to realize the girl at the counter was serious about the 10 minutes. Granted I wasn't in too big of a rush and have no problem waiting. Though if it takes them 10 minutes to make two sandwiches when they're not busy it must take over an hour when they are.

      The sandwich I ordered was the roast beef foccacia. To call this sandwich mediocore would be an overstatement. The roast beef used would be comparable to 3 day old arbys. If you're charging $11 for a small square sandwich the least you can do is use good meat. In addition to this I thought the bread was pretty bad too.

      CFByrne, above mentions the pizza. Which I'm sure has to be better than these sandwiches. Though the personal sized pizzas cost $12-$15. For that price you can go to a real pizzeria and buy a whole pie to feed your family.

      IMO, You should avoid this place. Maybe their coffee is ok, but I'd stay away from the food. Coffee District on NE 2nd Ave is a much better alternative. Much better sandwiches and about $3-$4 cheaper.

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      1. re: coffeyucf

        Went in this past week. I ordered a ham and cheese. For starters the girl said what is that? Didnt know they had that on the menu! Took half hour to get it and the girl at the end of the counter where you pick up your food (she was covered in tattoos in case managemwnt is reading so they know who im talking about) was giving me attitude the whole time and not 1 apology! Food was ok but they seriously need to work on their staff. I give them until oct/nov tops. No way they'll be able to survive after the summer with people like that working there

        1. re: coffeyucf

          Sorry about the bad experience coffey (ironically). I feel like I owe you a drink for giving you a bum steer. Hopefully they get their act together before bad news spreads. I'll give them another shot as I had a good experience but now I'm going to be looking twice.

          1. re: CFByrne

            No worries CF. I tend to try all the Delray new openings regardless of review. So even if you said it sucked I still may have checked it out just to say I have.

            Though if you did want to by me a beer I wouldn't be upset ;-)