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Jan 4, 2011 05:05 PM

For Vegetarians : Daniel or Bouley?

I understand that at Bouley, they are very accommodating to vegetarians are willing to whip up a tasting menu with their tastes in mind.

Daniel, however, has a vegetarian menu, but not a vegetarian tasting menu, and they seem less inclined to make changes to their tasting menu.

For a luxurious dinner for a vegetarian, which would you prefer? Daniel or Bouley? Prixe fixe or tasting menu?

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  1. how about dovetail on monday nights? has a vegetarian/vegan option for prix fixe dinner.

    1. I am a vegetarian and will be dining at both next weekend (Bouley for lunch, Daniel for dinner) and will report back. I believe Bouley will also do a vegetarian tasting for you.

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        I would really appreciate that, thanks!

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          The best strategy is to call the restaurant and speak to a manager about your requirements. This may be much easier with Bouley than Daniel because it is a much, much smaller restaurant and better equipped to cater to individual requests. I've successfully arranged a vegan tasting at Bouley before for the one vegan at the table, but you need to try and see.