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Jan 4, 2011 04:32 PM

1970's "Taco-Flavored" Doritoes BACK in some locations!

How I found Chowhound a few years ago was in regards to an old post mourning the lament of those 1970's "Taco-flavored Doritoes," not those lame re-makes but the real thing.

So my sister calls me from Richmond/Pasco Washington about an hour ago, and they're there! I didn't believe her, but she texted me a picture of the bag sitting in her cart and promised to send me two bags via post. They are the SAME design even!! Same old tacky orange 70's design.

Can you believe it? It doesn't matter that 1. it's a 100% nostalgic "I grew up in the 70's thing" nor 2. They're so processed they could last beyond a nuclear war. It's about they're back!!!!! I can finally make my old 4-H recipe for "Taco Salad."

Yay. You remember these bad boys? They were the bomb. I hope they still taste as I remember.

P..S, I will send a picture as soon at the satelite will send me one from my cell.

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  1. For you purists, lol, the EXACT location of this "spotting" was Richland WInco Foods in Richland, Washington. Picture forthcoming.

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    1. re: natewrites

      Also saw them in Southern CA. My brother loved those things.

      1. I remember eating those unnaturally colored things! I hope they don't disappoint.

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        1. re: Firegoat

          Well, I don't get "the munchies" anymore...and my lava lamp is long gone.....I think I used to swig them down with a "tab" I hope they taste the same!!! LOL

        2. I have to admit that I don't remember if I ever tried these the first time around, but I looked them up on the Frito Lay/Doritos product finder and quite a few stores in my area were supposed to have them. I had no luck at four different grocery stores, but finally located some at a WalMart in Spokane, WA. Love the retro packaging.

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            Enjoy them while you can. They are an in and out item and as of today they are no longer available.

            1. re: poser

              I have to say, I think they're okay, but they won't replace Salsa Verde as my favorite Doritos flavor. I did just notice, on the back of the bag there's an ad for Taco flavor in "new" packaging coming soon. I wonder if that means they're planning to add the flavor to their regular lineup.

              1. re: gmm

                They have recycled Taco flavored Doritos in various forms and names over the last few years. The most recent offering was partnered with 'king sized fritos', another example of their throw back marketing.