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Jan 4, 2011 04:08 PM

Kids Cooking Classes

I am looking for a good 5-6 year old basic kid's cooking class in either LA or OC. I have checked out Bristol Farms and Sur La Table, and 7 year old is the youngest they will take. Anyone know of any classes that specialize in the younger set?

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  1. You might be interested in this as they take kids as young as 3 (if 3 to 5 they require parental participation with their child) and includes learning about growing the food as well as cooking it.

    1. Katie's Cooking school in Encino

      1. My 5 year old daughter & I have taken 2 classes at Piccolo Chef and thoroughly enjoyed both of them. They actually made their own bread in one class. My daughter still tells her friends about it months later. We took classes with both Chef Gino & Chef Reba, who are really great with kids & teaching them in a way that's enjoyable. After the class they emailed us the recipes of what we made. The classes are held in the Culver City Sur La Table location, and also in Hollywood at the Farmer's Market