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Jan 4, 2011 03:56 PM

First and Hope: complete and total menu change

Having been to FIRST AND HOPE three times previously - and loved the upscale southern food, so good - I was thrown last night when I brought a friend who I knew would love it. We sat down and the menu came... completely different menu. It is now a pretty standard American menu - duck, lamb, steak, chicken, cod, etc. We almost left, as I wanted to treat her to a special dinner and figured we might as well go to CHURCH AND STATE, which is the bomb. But the booth was nice and it was quiet so we stayed, as we also wanted to talk.

The food was fine - nothing incredible, though my strip was very top notch. And they at least still have the pimento cheese spread to start. Cocktails are still terrific. The waiter said the first chef left, a new chef came in, changed the menu, and then after three months left as well.

As good as the cocktails are, and I do like the space, I am not sure I would return. I can get that kind of food anywhere. What made the place extra special to me was the food.

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  1. That's too bad. I really liked the southern fare as well. The mac and cheese flight was a great starter.

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    1. re: jeffandnat

      yep, that's gone. They have one side of Mac and Cheese but it did not seem as good as before.

      1. re: Tom P

        dont go yet they have a new chef with new menu next week. give him a week you'll love it.

        1. re: RHA

          Do you know what type of food it is going to be?

          1. re: Tom P

            I believe along the same lines to start with, possibly incorporating more American regions.

            1. re: RHA

              Check out the dine LA menu, this is his menu.
              hope this helps.

              1. re: RHA


                Do you know what's going on at First & Hope? Why all the recent changes?

                Was excited about checking this place out & recently made dinner reservations with different sets of friends based on stellar reviews from another friend who absolutely raved about the food.

                Now, I'm reading online reviews which say the food has changed (possibly not for the better), and the "First & Hope" web site shows no/cancelled jazz performances on both nights we were scheduled to dine. (We hoped to have drinks in the Fedora room after dinner.)

                Am really disappointed that we won't get to taste foods from the menu by the original chef, and now the music is cancelled. What gives?