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Jan 4, 2011 03:30 PM

Treva, West Hartford Center: a new gem!

Treva has been open for less than two weeks and I've already been there 3 times! No, I'm not an owner! First time was for lunch and it turned out to be their first day open. What a treat! We chose panini: "Polo," chicken & pesto for my husband; "Verdure," vegetables, pesto, mozzarella for me. I haven't tasted mozzarella that fresh since I've been to Italy. Apparently, they have their cheese imported every 3 days... I say no more on that topic. Excellent, tasty, and reasonably priced. (We each took half of our panini home!)

We went back right after Christmas with a group of 5 and again, were delighted to have the freshest ingredients to create such flavorful dishes. We started with an appetizer of (again) the freshest cheese and meats. The bread is also outstanding. I particularly loved the Tagliardi, a chicken, butternut squash and pasta dish. Other dishes overflowing with praise at the table was the Tagliatelle, (veal, mushrooms, asparagus), the Porchetta (pork, polenta, brussels sprouts), Gnocchi... Well, if I wrote out the entire menu, you'd get my point!

After work this evening, we popped in for some pasta before heading home and once again, were thrilled with our meals. Food at Treva is excellent with a focus on fresh and fantastic! Service is attentive, friendly, helpful, and efficient. The talented chef/owner, Dorjan Puka, came to our table and was most kind, generous, and grateful. I wish him and Treva great success as word catches on about how wonderful this place is.

980 Farmington Ave, West Hartford, CT 06107

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  1. Let's hope they do better than the previous occupant that started off with a good review, see for the details.

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      When Cocoa opened, I looked at the menu, the offerings and the prices and walked away. Never had the "pleasure." I do hope that Treva succeeds. That's why I'm trying getting the word out there. Maybe I'll regret that when the place is packed and I can't get in!

    2. seems that they are doing TOO well at the moment. we went last Friday night, and while our food was good (i agree that the cheeses, bread, and that veal tagliatelle were yummy, along with a braised short rib special), the noise level was physically painful. our server said that the restaurant will be correcting the problem by adding sound-absorbing material, but until that happens, i am reluctant to go back.
      on the plus side, service was great, our dishes came out promptly despite the place being packed, and the wine list has lots of fun choices. for those who don't mind what Open Table euphemistically calls an "energetic" noise level, i'd say go & enjoy.