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Jan 4, 2011 02:04 PM

Wooden Spice Rack

I have no room on the counter for a spice rack. I'm tired of shuffling threw the shelf of spices looking for whatever spice I need. I would like a wooden, wall mounted rack that has at least 4 tiers. I've done some searches, but haven't come up with anything. Anyone have a good source for such things?


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  1. jb: Garage sales and thrift stores.

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      Hmm, interesting. may have to do some g saleing.


    2. Would you be interested in magnetic spice "rack" by any chance?

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        I was thinking of those too because of the space-saving aspect, but I am not sure if JuniorBalloon will be interested in them.

        1. re: cutipie721

          Really looking for the aesthetic of wood. We have wood floors and maple cabinets.


          1. re: JuniorBalloon

            Who says wood and magnet are mutually exclusive? How about...

            (a google search for "wood magnetic bulletin board"


            or multiple rows of knife holders



            I find it rather gorgeous. But you can ignore me ;-)

        2. Here is an option to get them custom-made, but can't vouch for them as I just found them thru google:

          Also, some wooden wall ones came up on Amazon by searching 'spice rack wall wood' -- some are only one or two tiers but are such that they mount nicely in multiples.

          Apartment Therapy also has occasional postings on creative spice-rack solutions including wood ones or ones that can be made in wood (some are do-it-yourself'ers) - just google 'wall spice racks apartment therapy'.

          I'd prepared an email reply to you with a dozen of these links, but my google chrome closed seemingly for no reason so I lost my draft email - sorry!

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            Oops, not sure why that first link isn't working -- when it opens up as a broken link, just find the 'spice rack' button on left and that should pull up the right page. Let me know if you have problems

            You can also try navigating thru their home page:

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              Just FYI, I think the link doesn't work because you put a period after it to end the sentence.

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                But it is at the end of a sentence, why shouldn't it has a period? :P

          2. Martha Stewart used to make a line of wooden racks with a stepped design. Here's an image of one, and I know there was one with even more rows. Maybe you can find a used one or have one custom-made.

            I know this because I was in love with the design and almost bought the larger one, but decided I didn't have enough wall space. :(

            1. Good looking wooden ones can be tough. I gave up on wall mounted ones and went for a spice drawer (which I love), but I think if I hadn't gone that direction I would have done one of these compact vial ones. They aren't wall mounted but very efficient on space and can be dragged out just for cooking.


              If you want to DIY it, here is a link for a simple one.