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Jan 4, 2011 01:40 PM

Magpie Pizza Greenfield Ma

Have any of you Chowhounds eaten at Magpie Pizza in Greenfield Massachusetts? What do you think?

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  1. We've wanted to try other pizza places in Greenfield lately but we never seem to be able to get past the best pizza we've ever had at Village Pizza in Greenfield.

    1. I have been twice, and have been disappointed each time. The crust was way underdone, and the toppings, while fresh and handmade, were underwhelming. I really wanted to like Magpie - I LOVE Hope & Olive, but so far - no love. I am, however, willing to give them one more try because many people, whose taste I trust, really love it. My two visits were both within a couple of months after opening, so maybe they have figured out how to use the wood oven by now.

      Hope & Olive
      44 Hope St, Greenfield, MA 01301

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      1. bummer to hear. i haven't had a chance to make it there yet, but had my hopes up. maybe they'll figure it out. in the meantime, hillside in south deerfield (although only open fri-sun) is making a better pie than ever. and now offers not only a gluten free crust, but also some insane gliuten free pumpkin moonpies they get from somebody in amherst. on sluggish weekend nights, this remains the go-to place when my wife & i have a good dvd to watch.


        1. Just ate at Magpie yesterday afternoon. Loved the setting. Nice open feeling with a bar on one side and tables and open kitchen on the other. Also small outdoor seating area. Complimentary crudite not very exciting. Who likes munching on a raw beet?! Ordered the field and herb greens salad and the honey/white balsamic vinaigrette was excellent. It was large enough for 4 people! Vegetable lasagna had a pretty good flavor but was served all torn apart - in a bowl - with arugula thrown on top for good measure. Lots of liquid in the bottom of the bowl. Not impressed. My husband ordered a mushroom/pepperoni pizza and it was excellent. The crust was perfect - thin and slightly crusty with a great flavor. Toppings were fresh and properly cooked. When the waitress asked why I didn't want my lasagna wrapped and I told her, she wanted to give me an order of tiramisu to take home. It was pretty bad. It was very soggy and if there were any flavors to be had, they were totally overpowered by the taste of booze. We would go back for the pizza. Reviews on other sites say meatballs are good, but several people complain about the service. Our service was good but there were only two other tables filled when we were there. I hope they make it. It would be so easy to come up with a more impressive complimentary dish, rework the lasagna recipe and just throw out the tiramisu.

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            i was also there yesterday afternoon for a first visit & thought is was pretty dandy. i ordered the meatball appetizer (two lovely slices of foccacio + two large tasty meatballs with some sauce) and the field/herb salad which was enormous. my kids had a cheese pie and an artichoke/pesto pie, both of which were very good. crust was exceedingly well done i thought, thin and thick in the correct places, and charred very nicely. we were there on the early side, after catching a matinee at the greenfield garden cinema, maybe 5:30 or so. service was fast as could be. we skipped desserts 'cause we were stuffed and i -- for one -- liked the sliced beets quite a bit. admittedly, the crudites would have been more interesting if marinated, but the combo -- carrots, celery, beets -- was okay with me.