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Bouley for Lunch

rifkind81 Jan 4, 2011 01:13 PM

My girlfriend and I celebrated our first anniversary at Bouley some 5 years ago. We decided that it is time to make another pass, only for her birthday (as oppossed to our anniversary).

I was checking out the meny and it looks great. I am not at all scared of the $200/person price tag for dinner and pairings.

But what confuses me is the lunch tasting. It is only $36 (w/o wine).

Why the drop-off? Are the portions miniscule? Do they bring in the B-squad in the kitchen? Is it like eating in a ghost town?

Anyone with experience to share? I need to make a reservation fast (her birthday is 3 weeks away)!

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    fm1963 Jan 4, 2011 02:02 PM

    The lunch tasting is great. Portions are more than adequate and the multicourse menu will be supplemented with hors d'ouevres, pre-desserts, petit fours, and take home gifts.

    I'm not sure why the price is only $36 for so much food. I thought it was a promotion at first but this has been going on since last spring. The room is generally full, and most of the courses are very good so no need to worry about a B-squad.

    By all means go and enjoy.

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