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Jan 4, 2011 12:05 PM

True Grit cooking trivia

In the 2010 version of True Grit, Moon and Quincy are preparing some sort of meal on the fire in the lean-to when Rooster arrives. What is it they are cooking in the pot on the fire? I couldn't make out the term.

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  1. Probably chili...I'm guessing because I have not seen the movie.

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    1. It's "sofky", a Creek Indian word for a type of corn soup, made (I think) with hominy and sometimes venison.

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      1. re: jla1960

        Thank you, jla1960! I might have to try making some sofky and corn dodgers while camping this weekend.

        1. re: scarmoza

          Lots of good corn dodger recipes on the net.
          I'll be making some this weekend, for fun and
          school rations. I'm not a fan of hominy but love
          cornmeal. BBBJW

          1. re: Johnny West

            Yes, I've noticed many recipes for corn dodgers. I tried talking the rest of the campers into a sofky and bacon recipe I found but I convince them. We've settled on corn chowder instead.

      2. That could have been some white bean melange or maybe some hominy mess. You'd have to be pretty hungry to eat that.

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        1. re: noodlepoodle

          In high school, when camping, we'd fry a pound of bacon,
          mix in a big can of pork and beans, and a can of beer and
          let it simmer over the wood fire - it was breakfast and we
          called it The 3 B's.

          1. re: noodlepoodle

            I know, that's frontier survival rations. You eat what you have
            or you starve. Fat is good. I remember reading where the
            mountain man put the buffalo string guts in the fire and ate
            them first. I suppose it was a way to get greens and prevent

            1. re: beevod

              It's sofky, here is an excerpt from the script:

              "You was always dumb, Quincy, and remain true to form.
              He stirs the pot with a wooden spoon.
              . . .This here’s an awful lot of sofky. Was you boys looking for company?"

            2. Softkey is another term for grits, which is ground corn or hominy. Very common dish in the south