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Juniper Berries

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I am looking for someplace to buy juniper berries probably by mail in Ontario. Any suggestions appreciated.

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  1. McEwan had them when I went looking back at Thanksgiving. It is located at the Shops of Don Mills.

    1. Are you looking to order by mail because you live far from a major city centre? If not, then Whole Foods carries them (seen them dried both at the Oakville and Yorkville location), I imagine any spice store should carry them too...

      1. House of Spice in Kensington has dried juniper berries - not sure if you're after fresh or dried, I have never seen fresh ones in a store.

        1. You can order them online from the spice trader, I buy my juniper berries at the store and they are great quality...


            1. You can also order them online from Forbes Wild Foods. $7.50 for 50g.


              1. Pick a berry from any juniper away from traffic, dust, dog pee :), rub between fingers. If it smells good (some are dull, some very harsh & may vary from one shrub to the next in the same planting) pick a few more. I've never bought them - my annual 10-20 (for sauerbraten & venison marinades, red cabbage & sauerkraut) I've brought home as "souvenirs" from happy outings to BC, Ottawa, Niagara, Georgia.

                1. You can buy juniper berries at any Bulk Barn